Blippo surprise kawaii bag

Blippo came out with a fun little bag, called Fukubukuro (lucky bag) which is a bag filled with random goodies and priced at a lower value than the sum of all the products inside. The catch? You don't know what's inside.

But if you're up for such fun little bags, read more, because I'm opening the Blippo Surprise Kawaii Mixed Bag.

Opening of the Blippo SURPRISE KAWAII BAG

Fukubukuro lucky mystery bags are popular in Japan. The bags are packed with random items and sold for a substantial discount! Blippo Surprise Kawaii Mixed Bag is packed with a random assortment of cute and practical items! Each bag includes a mix of at least 15 products chosen randomly from our kawaii warehouse. The retail value of the included products is approximately 50 USD! The bag is also a perfect gift for anyone who loves mystery surprises!

This bag is priced at 15,10€ (approximately 17$).

surprise kawaii bag

And because I love (positive) surprises, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it and show you guys what was inside! 

kitty plushy
The fist goodie I got out of the bag was this super soft and cute kitty plushie! Of course, my kiddo saw it and grabbed it away from me. But no, this one is mine! *sparkly eyes*

kawaii small pouch

Next, we have a small pouch - I have a similar already, but with ice cream on it. I love it and I use it for spare change. These things are robust. Once it gets dirty a bit of hand soap (or dish cleanser) and water will do the trick.

pearls bracelet

A bracelet with mint plastic pearls and gold shells. It looks tacky in real life but it photographs well, so I'll keep it for photos. It reminds me of mermaids. I'm sure one of them would wear it. 

hello kitty glasses

These are funny. They are Hello Kitty Glasses. They have no lenses, which I find odd, but okay. They are cute but will be mostly used for cute photos. For the sake of old times. 

hand fan

Ah, a thing I need in this Summer heat! A small Summer hand fan. It looks like some sorts of plastic cards put together on a stick. It's funny but works well.

summer hair clips

Next, we have some hair clips with Summer fruits. I love cherries and I love watermelon themed things. But these will probably end with my niece or another kid. Maybe I should try them on before? They are just too cute! 

deco pearls stickers

For the longest time, I wanted to deco a phone, a case, something really. Now I finally have Deco pearls to start my journey. YAY! 

watermelon pouch

Ah, look at this! A small watermelon pouch. Isn't it cure? It's soft and squishy and looks amazing on photos. I think I will keep something in it so I can look at it more!

pump travel bottle

A handy product comes next - a travel pump bottle that has a fox on it. Why it says "animal" is something I don't really understand. But I will use it for the beach. It is handy.

alpaca card holder

I love the color theme on this Alpaca card holder! It looks really pretty. And since it's a card holder it is also cute and useful. Incredible :D.

macaroon travel tag

It seems that I will be traveling soon because in the bag was a Macaroon Travel Tag. It is yellow and has colored macaroons on it. Looks pretty handy. 

pikachu pouch

Of course, this Pikachu pouch got snatched the moment it came out of the bag. My kid is a big Pokemon fan (don't know from where) and he loves Pikachu. 

ice cream phone charm

A phone ice cream charm. I haven't seen these for a long time and especially such kawaii ones. This one is ice cream themed and the texture of the cone kind of creeps me out. I guess that makes it a fun item? :D 

Chocolate travel brush

This is actually an item I had quite a bit of a problem figuring out what it is. I couldn't get to open it and well, I was sure there was something inside for me to see. Once I managed to open it, I realized - it's a compact mirror with a brush masked in a pink chocolate case. Wait, what? Okay, I can see this being useful. 

Oreo Squishy Keychain

The last thing I found in the Blippo bag was this squishy Oreo keychain. It's a food keychain which makes it fun but it's really squishy and if you're not prepared for that, well .. it may be a bit gross. But it's cute anyway. :D 

Overall, I am happy with this bag. The opening was a fun experience and there are some items that I love and will enjoy through time. One of them is the kitty. The others will be great as little trinkets for friends and family. I think that you get a lot of products for the price. Overall it came out to be about 1€ per product. That's amazing and it makes the bag well worth it. 👍

If you want your own surprise bag, join the giveaway below - sponsored by Blippo Kawaii Shop. 😍

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