Catrice Strobing Gel Highlighter “PRÊT-À-LUMIÈRE”

Catrice Strobing Gel Highlighter

You know, I am late. Like two months late to this "highlight everything" party. 

But I really want to talk about this product. Not because it's Valentine's day related, but because it makes a difference. To me.


Radiant Skin. The gel in an elegant glass jar contains light-reflecting pigments and conjures-up a gorgeous rosé-bronze shine. The unique light reflections give the complexion a fresh look and a touch of elegance.

Beauty Tip
The combination of rosé and bronze results in a shade that suits most skin tones. The gel-like texture can be applied with the fingers or brush and spreads easily to create an all-over glow or to set targeted highlights.

Catrice Strobing Gel Highlighter

So, it's a gel highlighter. And now I can say that I've tried them all. All the consistencies.
The gel is the most fun of them. It's like some magic goo, except it makes my skin look shiny :).

This is a really bad close up of the gel. I bought it in store, because I could see magic micro-reflections, I mean it was brilliant! 
Oh and it comes in a glass jar. I am a fan of glass jars. They add weight to products. Haha, I'm so funny. :P 

Catrice Strobing Gel Highlighter

But it's more like a rose gold/bronze highlighter that on skin looks absolutely normal. Normal. 

Catrice Strobing Gel Highlighter swatch

Actually, it doesn't even look like this when it's blended out. It looks more like slightly oily/wet skin. Yeah, that.

Catrice Strobing Gel Highlighter skin swatch

See? It looks super natural. Easy to wear no matter the occasion. Work? Boom, it's perfect! Going out?! Add a little more and booom, you're good to go. :)

I got it a month back and I really wanted to pick the dry highlighters from the collection, but it was gone. *sad look* 

So ..  I'm posting this completely useless review for all of you, that may spot it in one of those not so crowded beauty stores. Yes, those. 

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