New in: December 2016

december haul 2016

Whew, a month went by. And of course, it's time to share with you all what I got in December. 
If you are curious about the previous month, you can check the post -  New in November 2016

New in December 2016

This month I didn't get many products, most of them were gifts. :)

OTO the bunny messanger

I supported Oto's Kickstarter campaign. Oto is a massager (bunny) which comes with a pamphlet on how to use it. All is nice and fun except for the product calling the owner "honey". Um, okay. I am currently feeling a bit lukewarm about it. 

chrome powder

I got two chrome powders for my nails from a dear friend. One is silver and the second is gold. Can't wait to try them! 

bourjois clubbing eyeliner

This was a rather unusual pick for a gift - two colored eyeliners from Bourjois. They seem fun? 

nail polishes

I bought a bunch of nail polishes to gift to my friends and family members and these are the two that got left over. One is from Trend it up and the other is from Essence. 

maybelline anti age corrector

I got another Essence Compact with the foundation in it in a darker shade by a friend and I bought the Maybelline Anti-age concealer that everyone knows and loves. Except we can't get it in Slovenia which is a shame. I got it through a mutual friend.

milani liquid lipstick

Another friend gifted me these lipsticks from various brands  - Jordana and Milani. I am the most excited about them since they are all nude except for the Milani Amore Liquid lipstick.

mont bleu nail files

I ordered a bunch of nail files and a foot file (not pictured) by Mont Bleu. I just can't believe how good they are!
I also got a lovely trio of body butter by a coworker. So nice!


Another product that I'm excited about and can't wait to use is the Silisponge. A sponge that is used to apply makeup. I wonder how will that go. 

labello red

I got the new Labello Red from the PR group and it smells lovely. 

nivea perfume

Nivea also surprised me with their perfume which smells exactly like their creams. To me, that's a wonderful scent that brings back all the memories from my childhood. 

alpstories custom made cream

I got the right cream this time by Alpstories which was blended exactly for my skin. I can't wait to use it! 

oriflame body butter

Oriflame sent me their body butter and a nice planner/notebook which I will gladly use. 

t candlest soy candles

I got a new candle from T Candles which smells amazing! Like home baked cookies. YUM!

retin a cream 005

And I also got two tubes of Retin-A cream which I already started using. All the flaking, ah!

Which lovely products did you get this month, lovely readers? Share it with me in the comments below. 

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