New in: November 2016

monthly haul

Yay, a new month went by and it's time to share all my new goodies I got in November. 

If you are curious, you can check all the products I got in October

New in: November 2016 

asian skincare

I ordered a bunch of items from Jolse because I am obsessed with Asian skincare. Seriously, I love that stuff. This time I ordered Etude House Good Cera Original cream which I seriously love. It's freaking amazing even for my combination skin. 

I also picked up the 100% Galactomyces serum by Elizavecca because I heard great stuff. I wanted to get their Bird nest serum but since it didn't have good reviews I picked this one up. And so far it's amazing. Lightweight, without a real scent (it has a wanna be scent that isn't really a scent, that I notice only the first moment that I am applying the serum).

jolse haul

I also got a face primer by TonyMoly Goddess Aura Pink Light [Smooth Fit Cover Aura] is the name of it. It is supposed to help your skin stay oil free and it has a slight pigment to it. Well, we'll see how well it will do.

A product that I got and didn't buy is the Nivea Cellular Anti-Age Daily Cream that I decided to use myself even if it's supposed to be used for aging skin (45+). It doesn't have any extra strong ingredients so I like to use it as a daily cream since it has a light UV protection in it (15). 

Of course, Jolse wouldn't be a Korean seller if they didn't include a bunch of testers. They seem to have a lot of COSRX samples and some Lioele samples. 

Alpstories cream

I got a custom made cream by Alpstories  because for 14 days I have tracked my skin's status. I'll talk more about it in an upcoming blog post.

Trend it Up nail polish

Since I loved the first Trend it Up nail polish  that was given to me on the BBMU 2016 conference, I had to purchase a couple more. One is a rich caramel color while the other is a duo chrome

Avon Perfect reds line

Even if I didn't go to Avon's Event (where they introduced their Kenzo perfumes), I am still on their list of Monthly goodies. This month I got two products that scream Christmas. They are a Lipstick and red nail polish that reminds me of China Glaze's Ruby Pumps. 

Etude House Silk Cocoon Sheet mask

A while ago I ordered three Etude House Silk Cocoon Sheet Masks. I am not exactly sure where I got them, but they are one of the many versions these masks come in. 

SkinStar sheet mask

My brother went on a trip and I kept nagging him about getting me some cosmetics in the country he will visit. Well, I guess he didn't forget because I got a sheet mask by Starskin and a hand cream by Clarins

Etude House BeBe Foot Mask

Do you remember the cheap Chinese feet mask peeling fiasco? Well, I was pretty pissed at that time so I decided to try another brand for the peeling. This time I went with Etude House BeBe foot Mask which is pretty damn great. But more about it in another post.

Nose peeling pack

A set from Bioaqua that helps with your pores or it should. I didn't really have any luck with it as I wrote in my short review

Le Couvent des minimes Sereine set

Okay, hold on for a minute. I dreamed about this line for months, yes, months! But I finally got it. The set is mine, yaaaay! Of course, I'm talking about Le Couvent Des Minimes - Sereine line. 

Le Couvent des minimes set

Inside you get a sleeping mask, a room/bed fragrance, a cologne water, and a shower gel. All three with the same scent. I was never so amazed at a scent before, but this one surely does it for me. 

Which goodies did you get this month? Share them with us in the comments. 


  1. Hej, super pridobitve! Kje prodajajo take Eau Sereine sete? Bi ga kupila za kako darilo... meni je to top kolekcija letošnjega leta!

  2. Love STARSKIN masks! My skin feels super amazing after using. You'll be happy to know you can them in at ;)


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