Guest Post: Fall trends to follow at the Office

Written by: Kathy Mitchell 

Are you interested in looking fashionable around the office? Do you want to look just as good, as if you were a model on the runway? If you have given an affirmative answer to either one of these two questions, you should keep on reading this article. In the paragraphs below, discover the fashion fall trends to follow at the office, impressing everyone with your attire. Polish your look according to your suggestions and do not hesitate to show your feminine qualities, every day, around the office.

1. Chunky sweater and flowing long skirt

This amazing combination is one of the hottest fashion trends to follow this fall, combining the warmth of the chunky sweater with the fashionable, flowing long skirt. For an added element of elegance, you can wear a belt around your waist, matching the color of the skirt and gloves in a similar shade. Do not forget to take care of your skin, using high-quality skin brighteners, to take care of blemishes and other minor imperfections.

2. Large, colorful stripes

When planning your outfit for the next day, the last thing on your mind is a dress. However, this fall, we see the return of the short dress as part of the work attire. Fashion experts recommend short dresses with large and colorful stripes, presenting them as elegant and daring at the same time. If you dress to impress, this is the right choice for you to follow!

3. Be bold with bold prints

Bold prints are usually recommended for parties and informal events, but, this fall, you can expect to see such choices being presented as suitable as office attire. If you are courageous enough to wear bold prints around the office, it is advisable to wear a matching cardigan, preferably in a single, neutral tone. Always remember that the shoes should match the cardigan and not the dress necessarily.

4. Tomboy attire

Coco Chanel was one of the first women to introduce the men’s suit as fashion tendency for women. Times have changed a lot and many women today borrow their fashion choices from the men’s world. The tomboy attire is making a comeback this year, with famous fashion designers presenting their unique combinations. Wear it yourself and discover how great you will look!

5. Elegant and sporty at once

The combination between elegant and sporty styles is not new but, this year, it stands at the top of the hottest trends. Imagine yourself wearing a blouse that resembles a sweatshirt but has leather sleeves or sporty pants made from silk-like fabrics. Regarding the very important skin care, do not forget to use anti-aging products on a daily basis, so that you make neck and chest wrinkles less visible.

6. Sheer fabrics

Sheer fabrics are not usually worn around the office, but this trend has begun to gain popularity this season. Fashion designers have presented their lines of office attire for this fall, with blouses made from sheer fabrics. They also recommend wearing a nude camisole under this blouse, to maintain a proper sense of decency. Add a pair of elegant, black pants and high-heeled shoes and you are prepared for an amazing day at the office.

7. Red all around

Red has always been presented as the color of elegance and boldness. This year, red is the new black, being often chosen by fashion designers for office attire collections. If you want to make a positive impression on your colleagues, it is recommended to go with red, from head to toes. In the situation you feel it is a bit too much, you might want to wear a black belt and disrupt the monochromatic look. And, remember, black shoes work great with such an outfit.
These are only a couple of fashion tendencies to consider this fall season, allowing you to look fantastic during working hours. As you have seen, it is highly important to take good care of your skin as well. If you are interested in discovering more useful skin care advice, you can read Glozine lifestyle articles and get your scoop on beneficial skin treatments and products.
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Kathy Mitchell was born in the USA. She has done MA in English Literature. She loves to publish her article on different health and beauty websites. She is contributing to Consumer Health Digest. Follow her on Google+Facebook and Twitter.

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