The Next Big Thing in Engagement Rings

Are you going to get engaged soon and need some ideas on what kind of an engagement ring to choose? Or are you just curious which sparkly rings are a must have this year? Then fret not as I have a post featuring the most wanted styles of this year. 

The Next Big Thing in Engagement Rings

1. Rose Gold

The rose gold trend has been going strong for the several past months and it seems that the trend hasn't seen the end yet. If you love it, you'll want to incorporate the rose gold trend using small details. Or maybe even using rose gold for your whole ring with a sparkly gem in the center.
Rose Gold Engagement Rings

2. Statement Rings

The bigger, the better! For all those who love to go big and make a statement with their rings, these are the perfect choices for you. From small gems to bigger gems and different patterns, statement rings are sure to make an impact.

Statement Engagement Rings

3. Antique Rings

Do you have that lovely ring that your grandma wore and your think it would be perfect for as your engagement ring? Then don't worry, because antique engagement rings are on the rise now and are a timeless classic with its sophisticated look. Rings with a little bit of history are always welcome, aren't they?
Antique Engagement Rings

4. Minimalistic rings

If you prefer something more simple, something that wouldn't get noticed right away but when it would be, it would be the talk of the town - then these are perfect for you. Simple, minimalistic and timeless.

Minimalistic Engagement Rings

There are plenty of choices out there, from more simple, minimalistic rings to antique rings. Different rings suit different occasions and tastes.  But the choice is that of you and your partner. If you have already chosen your favorite among these rings, would you mind telling us which one is it? 

Which ring would you pick as your engagement ring?

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