Petitfee Black Pearl & Gold Eye Patch

Black Pearl which contains 20 kinds of mineral and amino acid for no blemish clear and gorgeous skin.
Vitality of gold keeps healthy skin tone and vital eye-skin.
Intensive care for sensitive and weak eye-skin with this taegeuk-shaped eye patch.

But why did I buy the eye patches? 
Truth to be told, I liked the idea of using them and I wanted to see if they are any good. Well, let me tell you about them in this little post :).

Hydrogel Eye Patch

I decided to get eye paches from the PetitFee brand, which is unknown to me. But I thought it should be okay, since I had them in my wishlist basket for months and never really bought them. Until that day when I did buy them :P. 

PetitFee Hydrogel Eye Patch

They were about $10 and I thought it was an amazing deal, because in the box you get 60 pieces of the hydrogel patches.  That makes it out to be ~33c per use (two pieces). It looked like a bargain to me ...

PetitFee Hydrogel Eye Patch


But I didn't know that one box has only 2 months of open time. You have to use the product in 2 months. Wow. That means that you have to use these daily for 1 month or bi-daily for 2 months. Wow!

Well, I guess that means that every single day is "me time" aka pampering time. YAY! 

PetitFee Hydrogel Eye Patch


The patches are dark gray with golden specks. Or glitter. They do actually look amazing in the sun, but I wouldn't recommend walking around with these on your face. But I do exactly that and people stare at me :P. 

They have a jelly consistency and looked funny with the first use. I now kind of understand why you have only 2M to use them - because they get dehydrated the longer they are on the skin. They give me a slight cooling effect for a quick wake me up.

PetitFee Hydrogel Eye Patch

Inside the package, you get a handy spatula. I just put it inside and forget about it. It really makes taking eye patches out of the pot, easier. 

PetitFee Hydrogel Eye Patch


I really like that these patches stay put just by themselves. You take it out, stick it on your face and then you go on with your day. They won't fall off and you can walk around without a problem. 

The work time is 20-30 minutes which is how long it takes for it to moisten the skin. After 30 minutes these patches aren't wet anymore, but more like just a bit moist. You can also leave them on for 40 minutes without a problem. 

I must say that I got used to them - the first time I used the patches, my skin was feeling a bit irritated because it did burn a bit. After that first use, I didn't get the sensation anymore and now I get to enjoy a nice and moist undereye area. Brilliant!

PetitFee Hydrogel Eye Patch Effect

Overall rating:


I am happy with these patches, but I do wish they would come without a scent. I think that's the irritating part of an overly relaxing experience. The texture is super fun, the look is beautiful (golden speckles anyone?) and the effect is amazing. My skin has never looked this dewy without looking oily. After these 2M I will be up for another brand or maybe another pack of undereye patches but with a different active ingredient. I feel that it's a great value for the price. So yay! 

How do you feel about these undereye patches? 


  1. Jaz si tudi že nekaj časa želim kupit kakšne eye patches. Nisem še našla nekih, ki bi mi bili po opisu in ceni zadovoljivi. Pri teh bi me res zmotilo, da jih moraš tako hitro porabit. Jaz sem včasih preveč "šparavna" z izdelki za nego :D. Izgledajo odlično in očitno delujejo tudi. Ampak, če so tebe malo pekle, za mene gotovo ne bi bili. Drugače pa fajna ocena. Ti si ena redkih, ki redno ocenjuješ kaj azijskega. Keep up ;).

  2. Tamara se mi zdi, da si ti postavila te obliže prenizko in ni pravega učinka na kožo okoli oči, kot je njihov namen.
    Poskusi jih malo dvignit in zamenjat med seboj, da bo ožji konec v notranjem kotičku očesa ;)

    1. Sem jih tudi višje nosila, ampak mi je bilo precej moteče, sploh ker so zelo odišavljene. V končni fazi mi je bila tako nizka pozicija bolj všeč. :)


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