Depend Sweet Thing Gellack

It's not so long ago to that I went to buy a couple of the Depend Gellackt polishes because my collection really needs some new colors. If I have many different shades of regular nail polish, I don't have much when it comes to gel polishes.

And this needed fixing. Of course, I was ecstatic when I found out that DM has a small sale on the gel polishes by Depend (from 7€ to 5,5€). I grabbed two and later two more. And today I'm here to show you a really pretty one called Sweet Thing.

Depend Sweet Thing Gel polish 

Sweet Thing is a part of the Spring/Summer 2016 Collection. And let me tell you, getting it was pretty hard. Not all the stories carry it and you'll probably find it in those that are less frequently visited.

The thing with this gel polish is that it needs 4 layers to get to full opacity. But I didn't mind since I was applying extra thin layers on my nails. 

Sweet Thing Should Be A Full Cream Gel Polish, But It Is Not

I also thought that is was a full cream polish. Nope, it isn't. It has micro silver shimmer in it that you can only see with your bare eye. And if you look very closely at my pictures, you can see it here and there. Like on the pinkie finger. 

I like it and I'm quite impressed by the color - it looks purple in a cool toned environment and more blue if you put your hand next to something warmer. It's super fun!

You can check my manicures using the Depend Gellack in Neon Pink or Depend Gellack Neon Turquoise

Do you use gel nail polishes?

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