What the Wedding Dress Rental Stores Should Know

What the Wedding Dress Rental Stores Should Know

Compared to buying a wedding dress directly, renting the wedding dress is a better choice for the brides who are on a budget. Usually, the rental price is only the 1/3 of the original; sometimes it is only 1/4 of the price. Of course, some may say, "I can find the same price online", but no one can guarantee that you will get the same wedding dress as it is in the pictures as there are many dishonest websites included in numerous bridal retail sites
There is a certain risk to buy online. So, wedding dress rental owners and those who plan to open rental stores; how to find brides and provide them with better services?

If you are interested in wedding dress rentals, you should take a look at the content below, I hope these can help you.

Confusion from the owners of wedding dress rental stores:

  1. Due to financial constraints, there aren't more wedding dresses to show. For the customers; more choices can stimulate customers to buy.
  2. Wedding dress season obviously, prom and party dresses have bigger needs. How to contact some wedding dress manufacturers to expand your business?
  3. Domestic production costs are too high and the market is highly competitive. How to find a reliable factory and get a reasonable wholesale price? Especially for those shops who have never done an overseas trade.
  4. Usually, there is a high damage rate of rental wedding dresses. Often after they have been worn three or four times they cannot be rented anymore. And it usually takes a long time to purchase these products. Wedding season is usually only half a year, but you need to wait half a year if you miss it.

You can face many problems: 

How to operate a wedding dress rental shop?  It's simple, let's take a look.

  1. Ensure popular rental products. Usually, a small-medium wedding dress rental store could show less than 100 pieces of wedding dresses, for some customers who need more, the quantity can’t meet them completely. So you should make your wedding dresses more attractive, and need to study the wedding market. In addition to viewing magazines and fashion shows, also do often view some forums, such as wedding bee, the knot, or the latest styles from Pinterest and Instagram.
  2. Expand your product range. Besides bridesmaid dresses and mother dresses, you could consider carrying formal occasion dresses and school activities dresses which the students need to wear when they go back to school. The junior market is very large, and the juniors usually have limited money, so rent a suitable dress for them that is inside their budget. If you are just simply renting a wedding dress, then you could miss a great opportunity. 
  3. Buy wholesale wedding dresses directly from overseas factories. Overseas wedding dresses have low production costs; many large wedding dress stores produce their items overseas, especially in China. Usually, the cost is only 1/2 of the local factory manufacturing cost, but the quality is the same and sometimes even better. There are many wedding dresses factories in China, mainly concentrated in two places, one is Guangzhou and anther one is Suzhou.
For those shop owners who have not cooperated with China wedding dress factories before, it is not easy to find a suitable supplier. Usually, you can find some suppliers from Alibaba, GlobalSources etc. platforms. But it is difficult to judge their quality and size. But don't worry about that, because today we introduce a nice wedding dress manufacturer - Jusere. And why do we recommend it? See the following features.

  • Strong company. Jusere was founded in 2002, and is the largest wedding dress manufacturers in Suzhou, with two large stores and Suzhou's biggest wedding dress showroom, more than 500 styles, nearly ten thousand pieces of stock wedding dresses to choose for a wholesaler who wants to purchase wedding dresses in stock, you can’t find such a manufacturer elsewhere.
  • Shorter production time. Jusere sets up a mature production, they will keep the original version for the made wedding dress that could short the production time within 30 days. It means that your next order will be a short production time if there is no stock.
  • A variety of products to choose. Cooperate with Jusere, you don’t need to contact any other factories to assist with production. Jusere could produce wedding dresses and prom dresses that could help you to expand your business scope.
  • No minimum order quantity. Many wedding dress factories, especially in Guangzhou, have MOQ, for some small and medium-sized wedding dress rental stores, MOQ will increase their costs. Jusere doesn't have such limit, no matter your order quantity.
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