A couple of months ago, I saw a store selling these kits for about 14€. Normally they are about 45€ so it was practically a steal!  The polishes were also marked down a lot, I think they were 10€ for 3? 

Which means that I had to grab some, right? True.

Here's all that I got:
A kit, some extra pads, another cleanser an extra primer and an extra oil. And 6 colors (Naughty, Plum noir, Oh Cabana Boy, Coffe Break, It's up to blue and Star Spangled)


The SmartGELS starter kit includes every product needed to apply and remove a SmartGELS manicure.

Starter Kit Contains:
Cleanser 1.7 Fl Oz / 50 mL
Nail Tip Primer .18 Fl Oz / 5.3 mL
Base + Top .18 Fl Oz / 5.3 mL
Cuticle Oil .18 Fl Oz / 5.3 mL
Remover 1.7 Fl Oz / 50 mL
Pocket Removers 20 pk
Lint Free Nail Wipes 20 pk
Pusher & Remover Mini File/Buffer
Step-by-Step Instruction Guide

From the kit, I especially love the cuticle pusher. It's basically shaped as a nail and it's one of the best cuticle pushers I've ever used! Of course, it looks a little funky, weirdly made (the underside is not all smooth and even, it looks like it has been carved into it, but it still feels smooth). 
Also, the oil drops are amazing. I use them all the time and I must say that they are great. On the thicker side, but help the cuticle to be happy again. :) 


I haven't been a fan of such warm latte colors for a long time. But last Autumn something snapped and I started wearing them more often. And this is one of the main reasons that I got this gel polish. 

I had no problem with it at all but for one thing - it needed 4 thin coats to get to full opacity. Texture wise it was also on the runny side, but not as runny as other colors are.


A color that I hoped would be more neon (as is the regular polish with the same name), but it's more of a cool toned Barbie pink. It was quite runny, I had to fix my cuticles a couple of times and I needed 4 layers to get it to this level of opacity. I could still see my nail line if looked directly on the sun. 
Otherwise, it's a really pretty color.

I did try two other colors which are NAUGHTY (a deep red brown) that was utterly runny and non-opaque and IT'S UP TO BLUE which was really not a blue color but a turquoise green. It was even runnier and I couldn't get it to full opacity at all. 

So I'd say that the colors are a hit or miss. I was hoping that it would be easier to point which should be the less runny and more opaque ones, but it's a bit more complicated than that. I thought that cremes would be more opaque, but well, I was wrong. 


I have also noticed, that if you wipe off the base coat (with a lint free pad), the colors are easier to build and look more opaque plus they aren't as runny. 

However, the kit, on the other side, it well worth the price. I like the lint free pads and the cuticle pusher and also the oil. Brilliant! 

What is your experience with ORLY SMARTGELS? 

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