Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Mask

We've all heard of bubbly facial masks, right? If you haven't, boy, you're in for a treat ;). 

But let's begin ... at the beginning. 
I have been seeing these funny masks that look like giant clouds after a couple of minutes, all over the Asian Beauty community on the internet (Reddit and Instagram).

It looked super fun. So much fun, that I wanted to try it. :D And after a couple of months, I finally found which is the mask that makes such an effect. The name is weird, the brand unknown to me...  so yeah, let's give it a go, shall we? 

I found this brand on Jolse, of course, the site where I wish I were rich and have millions of dollars to spend on cosmetics and also about four or five bodies to test them all on. Yeah...

Elizavecca - Milky Piggy.

It's a funny name. I don't really get it, except that there's a piggy on the packaging. It's a... milky piggy? I am not sure, but it's not even all that important.

What is this mask?

Carbonated Water + Collagen + Green Tea + Charcoal / Clay Mask Pack
Carbonated bubble cleanses pore with pore tightening effect of clay mud ingredient.

Okay, so essentially is a clay mask that bubbles up. 
It comes packaged in a box and then in a plastic container that has a lid inside with a small spatula. 

The mask is this green-gray color and you should be quick to use it because if left open for too long, it starts to bubble on its own. So, be quick!

The texture of the mask is quite firm. It isn't a soft mask, which means you have to press that spatula into it, to dig out the mask. It's not hard, it just has some sort of resistance. It's more of a semi-hard gel kind of consistency

The application is quite easy, all you have to be wary of is that the amount you apply on the first try on a part of the face, is exactly the amount that there's staying. You can't just spread the mask with your fingers because it starts forming bubbles quickly. 

So, if you put on too little, you need to take the spatula and grab some extra product from the packaging and apply it straight away on the spot. No spreading, just tapping little by little. And hope for the best.

My first experience wasn't good at all. The mask was tingling, hurting at moments and I was worried. Luckily it didn't leave my skin irritated or red, so I tried it again a month later. This time, there was no tingling sensation, just the bubbling of the mask. It can be pretty irritating because it tickles your nose :P. 

But the overall effect is fun (bubbles!!) and also after washing it out (what a tedious task) I was left with skin that felt super smooth and soft. Nice! 

I like it, but I do know that some people would call it mediocre. It probably would be mediocre if it wasn't for the bubbling effect. Also, the final effect is very similar to a fruity peeling which is something that I like (smooth, soft skin). 

I don't think it's similar to other clay masks, because those would normally dry my skin at least a little bit, but this one doesn't.

I only wish it would come in a smaller size because now I have enough product for at least half a year  of regular use! 

P.S. You can find it here

What do you think of this mask?

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