KAWAII Box - March 2016

As you may know, a couple of months ago I reviewed the Japan Candy box. And this time, I had the honor of getting a Kawaii Box. 

So, what is the Kawaii Box?          
Subscribe Now and receive a box filled with hand-picked Japanese and Korean kawaii items directly to your home every month. Each box includes 10-12 super cute kawaii products. Everything from Japanese candy to stationery & beauty accessories. So kawaii!

 I received the March 2016 Kawaii box and let me tell you, I was really excited. I love cute stuff, especially things that are so cute that I just scream with excitement. 

The unboxing was super fun and for once I was happy that my kid wasn't with me. Why? Because he'd take the cute items before I'd take pictures :P. 

Here're some photos of all the products I got and later you'll see a breakdown of what I got. 


This cute lock will keep your important things and secrets safe! The lock has a three digit password. Once the numbers are in correct order the lock will open! The lock's starting code is 000, but you can change it by pressing the black button and changing the numbers. Try to remember the new code because you can change the code only when the lock is open! Lock your diaries, boxes and others in a very cute way!

It's one of the cutest things I've seen. Seriously it's super Kawaii and will come handy!  


Apollo are the delicious cone shaped strawberry chocolates from Meiji. With this kit you can make your own personalized Apollo chocolates! This set is great fun for children and adults alike. The package includes all the necessary ingredients, tools and instructions - just add creativity.

This time I decided against just using the kit because I can't understand what's written on the back. The pictures instructions are simple, but I may mess it up, you know? But surely these do look fun, so I will do them with my kid! Super pretty too! 
In the kit, you get 3 chocolate flavours, some sprinkles, and a dish in which you press the chocolates. 


These notebooks feature cute Japanese Kokeshi doll characters and cheering texts on the covers. They are perfect size for small notes, memos or for your own secrets. The covers are made from carton there are lots of pages. Choose from different styles and colors!

Well, yes, it's cute. But very small and I think my kid will enjoy drawing in it. For me, it has too little pages.  


Make your note keeping cute with these adorable and colorful ink pens! You can use them to write colorful messages to your dear friends. There are totally 12 bright colors to choose from. Each pen is illustrated with adorable animals and cute messages. Korean design!

This pen will definitely come in handy as it's nicely done and it has a great tip.  Also, who doesn't like cat designs? :D  I took pictures of it on the mini notebook so you can see how it looks inside. 


This neon colored bracelet is the perfect Harajuku addition to your style to bring some attitude into it! It's a great detail in any outfit and the bright color of it is almost impossible not to notice!

I got the yellow neon bracelet and it's really wonderful. It's super bright and will be very trendy this summer! Also, it has a nice weight to it, so it's not exactly light on your wrist.  But still, a great addition to my jewelry box.


These adorable plush charms are smiling, smirking, laughing and loving! Each emoji includes a removable ball chain, so you can attach it to hang almost anywhere. There are many different emojis available! Choose your favorite or collect them all! With many emojis, you can choose the one that reflects your feeling of the day and take it with you where ever you go!

I received the cheeky tongue emoji charm which I find to be the cutest of them all. It's nice and soft also squishable. It's quite big which is why it now hangs on my key as a keychain. Because of it, it's super easy to find my keys! 


These cute hairbands with polka dots and bows will kawaii-fy any outfit in seconds! The hairbands are available in different pastel colors. Make your hairstyle unique in seconds!

 I always liked the usamimi trend that was popular about two years ago in Japan. It consisted of hairbands and headbands with "ears".  This is why I got super excited to receive this small and cute hairband! I saw it on a 4-year-old and I wanted to have it. Yes, I am very childish :P. It's really cute and works well. 


Correcting mistakes is now funnier than ever! This eraser looks like a chewing gum and also smells super sweet! You can try to trick your friends to think this eraser is chewing gum, but be careful, it looks so real that they might want to take a bite!

It's cute and it's an eraser. I seldom use erasers so it will go on to someone who does use it. Maybe a kid that's in school? Oh, I'd be so cool if I had these when I was in school. :D


These fantastic eye masks feature cute panda eyes. You can let other people know not to bother you by wearing these while still look cute! Perfect for taking a nap in a car, airplane or just at home.

I love sleep masks. Usually, they feel a bit annoying on my nose after a couple of minutes . But luckily I don't feel such pressure on my nose (septum) with this mask. And it's super cute too! 


Make your days funnier with these adorable puffy dog stickers! These cuties love to play and dance! This cute puffy sticker sheet features different kinds of dogs playing around. What a sweet way to decorate your books, notebooks, cards and gifts! Let these dogs to conquer your heart and run on your notebooks and letters!

When I was younger, I was collecting cute stickers. There was a store that was carrying such stickers that were "puffy" and had several cute motives. Of course, they would be expensive so I was using all my money for them, haha. Last year I found the collection and my kid was excited. You know what happened next? Everything was covered in them. Everything!! 
So my kid shouldn't see them. They are too cute. Not until I'm ready to have everything covered in them again. ;) 


Wipe everything dry with this cute little towel! Take it with you on a trip or to a sleepover, where you can use it as a little face-towel or for anything that needs drying up! This little towel with smiling nekos and cute clouds is the perfect size to carry even in a small purse. It is an essential kawaii item for everyone who loves pyjama parties, travelling, or just loves to dry up in a cute way!

I am not exactly sure what to do with it, but there's no denying that it's cute. Small, but cute.   

Overall I received 11 kawaii products in this box (which is priced at $ 19.80 / month with free shipping). The products worth are about 27€ (about $30). So I think it's worth it. 

And if you like the box, you can win your own by entering the giveaway below. Good luck! 

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