Feeling the Autumn

Another outfit post ;). I was contacted by Yoins if I'd like to work with them and I said yes, because my wardrobe lacks interesting pieces. 
They let me choose whatever I wanted (with a set budget) and I picked up a dress and two belts. Today I'm showing you the dress and the belt ;).

Photos are by Helena Milost, her Facebook and Instagram

Dress is by Yoins - long sleeved Plus size dress
Belt is also by Yoins - Gold skinny waist belt
Bag is from New Yorker
Leggings are from Ebay
Sneakers are from New Yorker
Septum piercing is by Karma Se7en
Lash extensions are by Geisha Studio

What do you guys think?


  1. Obleka je luškana, barva special in ti super paše. :)

  2. Prosim več takšnih objav, ker izgledaš booožžaaannnssskkaaa :)

    1. Hvala Sandra! Outfit objave so FUN! Ampak zahtevajo pa fotografa zraven, aaaa... D:

  3. Bordo <3 <3
    Lipstick by?
    Podaljšava trepalnic je pa res lepo narejena.

    1. Šminka je L'Oreal Laetitia Pure Red (tule: http://www.cherrycolors.com/2015/02/swatch-loreal-laetitia-pure-red.html)
      Bordo oblekica je pa awesome <3

      Trepke pa jaaa, bejba obvlada!!


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