You did WHAT to your skin?! (Quick SOS fix)


This is just a quick tip kind of a post. 

I am a clumsy person and I can't for the love of me shave without getting a razor cut. Seriously, it's that bad.
If I have nothing else at hand, a bit of the Bioderma micellar water to help clean out the tiny wound. Of course if I do have some saline solution, I will use that instead. 

The other product that I swear by is Sun Dance SOS lotion. It is great to use on sunburn, but I don't get those. I use it after epilating or shaving to soothe the skin. The tiny dots (on my legs after epilation or waxing) are gone in a night, compared to a full week before! 

I like the cooling effect it has on mosquito bites. 

I know it's available for cheap in every Drogerie Markt.

These were my two cents on helping skin - do you have any tips on your own?


  1. Thanks for the sweet comment, Tamara. On the topic of skin, I use aloe which heals mine quickly.

    1. Oh, aloe vera is a great healing tool. I use it after mosquito bites on my kid ^^.


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