Review: Aztec Stamping Plate


I'm on a stamping plate roll. I wasn't using my plates for a very long time and now I really want to. 
Today's plate is from the well known Born Pretty Store, that specializes in everything beauty related.

I was sent this Aztec inspired nail plate to review. I must say that the engraving is nice and the images did come out nicely. 

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The mammoth was the one that was a tad problematic and I couldn't pick it nicely up, even when I did it just didn't look right. Kind of deformed? It may be just my "stamping skill", or better said, lack of. 

Naughty giraffes! I kind of stamped one and added another one, but then it looked like they were having sex. So I added another. I guess it's a threesome now? xP

+ The plate came packed in a lovely wax paper 
+ nice design
+ good engraving 
+ cheap ($2.99)

- I can't get the mammoth right 

I used these two polishes. The brown is a random one that the kid picked in a Tuš store (because he wanted to have a brown and pink polish). It's really good for stamping, so kudos kid!

I really like the designs on these plate and I think it's one of the nicer plates I own. I will try some more stamping with the mammoth, because it irks me that I can't make it look as pretty on the nail as it is on the plate. Otherwise it's great, I could pick all the designs. And I definitely need a new stamper. 

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This product was sent to me by the company itself or its PR. For more information please do read my Disclosure Policy. My opinion is always honest.
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