Falsies after many years


This all started when I was looking at a tutorial on how to properly blend. Well I admit, I am inept when it comes to blending so learning this new skill is of great help.

I gathered all my products and set to work. 

The thing is that I haven't used any false lashes in years. So when I saw these, I thought "oh they are so casual, I can totally do them!". 
Well... They aren't casual. They are massive (and soft). Damn. But I worked it until I felt good with them. 

More after the jump!

I didn't like any of the photos I took with my small camera, but then again I wanted to show you guys the more realistic colors, not the ones my phone takes which are all sort of wrong. 


 Of course, a pink lipstick was perfect to go with it. 

It was a fun little experiment. What do you guys think?

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