Empties #17


It's that time again. Time to talk about the newest empties. I did set up my lightbox and took some pictures because I couldn't stand looking at bad quality photos on my blog anymore. 

OMBIA Dip & Twist nail polish remover (2€)
When this little container is new and fresh everything is well. It removes nail polish nicely and without a problem. Obviously I am not talking about glitter here. The glitter did take some more scrubbing, but it did get off nicely. Once the hole gets bigger and shredded (thanks to all the glitter manicures) it gets harder to remove nail polish. The scent is very pleasing but strong. The polish remover formula isn't very drying and I got the feeling it is on the oilier side because my nails looked fine after use. 
Repurchase? Well, it's a bit expensive for what you get/lasting time, so probably not

L'OCCITANE Shower gel Pivoine Sublime (part of the travel pack 20€)
This is the shower gel that smell delicious while you use it and after you get out of the shower. The scent is a true Pivoine scent and I love it. However, I got bored of it quite soon (which is weird since their perfume is my staple this Summer and I can't get enough of it). I liked the fact that I didn't have dry skin after use, but I probably won't repurchase it. 

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Essence Pure Skin Cleansing Pads Anti-Acne (2€/30pcs)
Since we don't have anti-acne body washes (as in shower gels) I decided to give these a try. One side has some micro beads on to help with exfoliation and the other side is smooth for the application. All the pads are soaked in a solution that helps with acne. I noticed that these did work on my body acne but were far too rough for my face. You get 30 of them in a package and I may repurchase them, but I still haven't decided. 

APILIFT Anti-aging day cream (40€)
I received this product for testing purposes via a giveaway kind of a post from Cosmopolitan. I was supposed to send a video of a review of this product, but no one got back to me when I did so. Weird.
This product has a double bottom. It looks like there's a lot of product inside but with regular use it gets used in a month! The scent is strongly of honey and I actually did notice a great improvement in my skin while use - it must be because it contains retinol. The price is too high for me (especially for the quantity you get), but otherwise I would totally buy it. 

SUNDANCE Sunscreen 30SPF (~3€)
This is a chemical sunscreen and there have been many debates about the benefits/dangers of using a sunscreen with chemical filters. I think I had this small bottle for more than six months of daily use. Sometimes I was really lazy and didn't apply it but it was mostly a base under my foundation.
I think it is a bit drying on my skin but otherwise non-greasy and easy to apply. The scent has a chemical note to it, but nothing too bad. However, I think it did break me out in closed pores from regular use. So I don't think I will repurchase it in the near future

OMBIA Hyaluronic Gel (9€/30ml)
This is pure hyaluronic gel with a preservative to keep it stabilized. It is the cheapest hyaluronic gel at our market. Hofer gets these every year, around October if I am not mistaken. They also get sold out very quickly because everyone wants it ;). Anyway last year I purchased it because I wanted to see why everyone says it's good. Well in this year of use I have noticed it help to calm down inflamed cystic acne and gives some extra moisture to the skin. I think it's a great addition to any cosmetics regime and I can't wait for it to get back in the stores so I can repurchase it. 
Repurchase? Yes!

ESSENCE Liquid ink eyeliner (~2€)
I am an avid user of liquid liners, but I am always looking for the best next thing. My favorite is still the once from Catrice - the waterproof version since regular version disappears on my in a matter of minutes. This liner isn't waterproof so it has no real staying power on me, but the brush tip is a nice touch that makes the application a breeze. It's also a nice black color that dries matte. But because of the lack of staying power on my lids I won't repurchase it.

ORIFLAME The One Lip Spa nurturing balm (~8€)
I received this product for purpose reviews. The scent is nice and strawberry like and the packaging looks nice, but still cheap looking because of the plastic that doesn't close up well. It also has no weight to it, so I can hardly stay on its own. The balm is OK, not very moisturizing on the long run, but does a nice job when it comes to a quick fix on the lips. It leaves no color behind. 
Repurchase? No. 

It was a sad day when I had to say goodbye to my palette. Once I hit pan and got clumsy the remaining shadow fell out. And then multiple times until I was left with no product. The packaging got damaged a long time ago and because of it wasn't travel-friendly anymore, at least not with some washi tape. Because of how great this product is, I will definitely repurchase it

NUXE body oil 
This has to be one of the most well-known products from Nuxe. The scent is unique and very pleasant to me, but to some people it may smell of old scents. That's probably because it has been on the market for so long and so little has changed ;). I used it on my body and my face. I loved it on my body and it made my skin amazing. It wasn't all that great for my face and it resulted in some small breakouts. I can't wait the day that I get the full size of this product!

L'OCCITANE Repairing hair mask
I don't remember anything bad or too extraordinary from sing it. So it must have been good. 
Sorry, I can't tell you much about it. D:

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