Want to wear skirts but your thighs are rubbing together (and causing irritation)?


Today I will talk about I problem I have since I hit puberty. It's the dreadful thighs. Even when I was skinny, my thighs always rubbed somewhat together and now that I have gained weight the problem is even more noticeable. It's not that rubbing is unpleasant (it is), but the irritation after it (rashes, tiny acne or blisters, redness on the area) is a real problem. 

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What do I do?

Well until a while ago, I would wear shorts under my dresses or skits. But that gets old soon and when it's really hot, I want to feel the breeze under my dress, not the feeling of having some other garment blocking it. 
I mean that's one of the reasons I like to wear dresses! The breeze. Say with me, the breeze. 

Anyway this year I started experimenting with some products. I saw some products that are meant for this problem area that contain silicones. Well I checked my stash and noticed that my Makeup Revolution Ultra All Day Prime and Anti-Shine Balm (what a long name!!) contains some of the same ingredients. I got mine from Makeup Revolution Slovenia

Well, I usually don't use face primers and because of it, this product kind of just was there. Existing and waiting. But I had a task for it. It came its time to shine! As a - thighs protector - that's it. It's a real job!

I put it to work on a really hot Summer day and it did a great job. Sadly it rubbed off kind of quickly which made me sad. And my thighs weren't happy either. 

Then I realized that some models like to spray their thighs before a model walk with some hair spray. Yes, you read that right. I don't really recommend doing this, you can totally use your precious face makeup spray. 

I of course didn't want to waste my precious and expensive Kryolan Ultra Setting spray. I went with the hair spray - I used Schwarzkopf Got2b big volume spray. Because yes. 

So I put it to work - I applied way too much of the spray and it kind of got patchy, as in there were patches peeling on some places. Tiny patches. Annoying, because they would crack.
But when I used a small quantity all was good. It did last the whole day, but in the combination with the Makeup Revolution Balm it was more comfortable. The spray helped with setting it, and the balm was there to help with the rubbing. The spray alone didn't do much for my problem area, except you know, holding whatever was there. The rubbing still happened. That's why I will use only a combination of these two products (or maybe I'll stop being cheap and start using my face spray). 

I do hope this info helps some of you ladies that are having the same problems as I do. However I recommend investing in a good face spray instead of being a cheap-ass as me. 

P.S. If your thighs are already irritated, I recommend using a soothing lotion on the area. I like the after sun products that are cooling and contain lots of Aloe Vera. 


  1. eni uporabljajo tudi baby puder, kolikor sem slišala :)

    1. Ja, samo baby puder ne pomaga, ko se potiš (poleti).

  2. Fajna objava :) ta problem je res zelo moteč, meni se stegna še vedno ribajo pa čeprav sem shujšala in sem zelo zadovoljna s svojo postavo ... izgleda da je pač problem nekaj z genetiko, načinom kako hodiš :) mi pa tut otežuje nošenje oblekc, kril, sploh tistih lepih oprijetih ... bom ob priliki probala, hvala za nasvet :D

  3. Jaz uporabljam vedno baby puder ali pa Hansaplast gel proti trenju :) Z lakom za laseš pa še nisem probala :D
    Če pa pride do rdečice pa aloe vera vedno pomaga :)

  4. Dober nasvet, hvala!
    Jaz mam podobne probleme. Celo na morju ko se kopam in potem na pol mokra hodim okrog.

  5. Zanimivo :) Nikoli preizkusila, bom pa zagotovo:). V srednji sem imela probleme s temi stegni. Včasih sem hlače preribala v predelu stegen. I feel you :).


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