Review: S-he Stylezone 2in1 Base&Top Gel Polish


Not so long ago, I noticed that our local DM has started carrying a top & base gel in their brand S-he Stylezone.  I usually don't check out their stand, because I don't like the packaging (except the super cute/expensive mono eyeshadows). But this time I made an exception, since I had a -30% discount coupon on all decorative cosmetics. The usual price for this gel is a bit less than 6€, which I think is a bit much, especially if you don't know if it is any good.  

The gel comes packaged in a box, with the regular design from S-he. And inside there's a small black bottle that looks chic. I like the look of it alone (without the ugly box). The bottle holds 7ml of product. 

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The gel is this clear polish (gel), that is easy to apply. It applies nice and thin and there is little shrinkage. I must say that the application was flawless and I was impressed.

This is however not a peel of gel polish. It's a regular gel polish that is supposed to help your regular polish stay on longer

This is why I applied it as a base, cured it under my LED light for 60 seconds and then removed the sticky layer. My nails looked shiny and pretty! I then applied my normal nail polish and waited for it to be completely dry.  

When my nails were somewhat dry (I am not so good at waiting... ahem), I applied a layer of the 2in1 gel and cured it under my LED lamp. A added another layer of it, because I skipped on the drying time of the polish and I didn't want to lose my manicure in the following hours. 

The end result was spectacular! Beautiful and shiny manicure. BTW, the polishes I used here, are from the Essence Cinderella TE

Usually I get chipped polish (on very light colors, like this one), after 2-3 days. But with the gel I managed to get a nice looking manicure for more than a week

Isn't thick on the nails! 
+ easy to apply!
+ can use thin layers without shrinkage
+ prolongs the life of a manicure

- price

I am happy that I own this product, even if I usually don't feel like going the extra mile to make my manicure last longer. Tho, maybe I should? 
The same result can be achieved with a regular gel polish - you apply your normal polish over your gel base, once it's cured and cleaned  (but you have to wait 24h, to make sure the normal polish is 100% dry, to apply the top gel polish). I feel that this product has potential, but maybe needs a shorter curing time. I mean, okay 60 seconds is not long, but damn, wouldn't 10 second be even better?  The price is pretty high, considering for that kind of money, I can get a depend base or top coat or a color.. you know. Anyway, a lovely product for all the ladies that want to use gels with regular manicures, but don't feel like waiting 24h time to finish them with your regular gels. 

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