New Essence Gel polishes (4 Swatches + review)!


I wanted to buy a couple of the newly reformulated Essence polishes, that go by the name Gel polishes. They were launched this month, and most of the pretty shades are already gone. The thing is, they aren't real gel polishes, just regular polishes that stay shiny for a long time.

I thought I may have a bit of luck, because here most of the collections stay intact, but no. These polishes were gone as a hot bun! Damn.
But I still managed to get four pretty colors. In this post, I'll tell you a bit about them.

You can read Taya's massive review + comparison of them, or see a comparison post from Katja.

I was fully expecting Essence to just reformulate the existing (old) polishes, and keep them as they were. But they didn't. They changed the formula (for the better!) and tweaked with the colors just a tiny bit. Some are very much the same (or similar), and only us polish-obsessed girls would notice the difference. Others are completely new (like the gorgeous light lime yellow that I am still lemming over).

I must say; the formula is amazing on all the four polishes I picked up. I am not sure if the brush is different too (maybe shorter?), but the application was flawless.
Except for my cuticles & nails. Excuse them, I didn't use any base & top coat. And my nails are full of ridges... 

I don't know how long does the shine last, because I prefer to use glossy top coats. Or if I am really in the mood I wait 24h and then top my manicure with a gel top coat. Then it surely is shiny ;).

Let's get lost - is one of the polishes that remind me of Spring. It's beautiful on its own, but I am sure it will have its appearance in some nail art manicures. The application was nice, nothing to add here. However since I didn't use any base coat, it did stain my nails a bit. And this was only after a couple of minutes. I think a base coat with this beauty is a must! 

Our Sweetest Day - Is a lovely light pink shimmery polish. It looks like fine purple holo microglitter from up close. And from far away it looks like a gorgeous nude polish. I think it will be great as a work safe manicure. It is build-able and dries quickly. I used two layers in this picture. Again I had no problems at all with the application. 

Play with my Mint - This has to be my favorite polish from the bunch I got. It's so fresh and minty. It's more vivid from the "old" one and it looks so much better on me. I am very excited about it. The application was nice, but the ridges will show (if you have any) if you won't use a base coat. Drying time was OK. Application was lovely! It went on a bit "drier" than the Jucy (pink) or Let's get lost, but it goes on smoothly nonetheless. I used two layers for full opacity on nude nails. 

Lucky - This is the polish I was the most excited about, before I bought it. The formula is a bit jelly like, it goes on smoothly and needs two layers for full opacity. I don't have a similar shade in my collection, even if I do have lots of pink polishes. It's just in between some shades, which makes it unique in my eyes. It is lovely and so was the application. I used two layers.  

I hope there will be many, many bloggers with better and mire in-depth swatches than mine were. But still, here it is and I hope you like it!

Do you have any of the new polishes?
How do you like them?
 Do you want more of them?

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