Make-up: Velvet Circus Dancer


It's been a while since I did a make up look. Well a while since I wore anything than nude eyeshadows on my eyelids..   Ah, Spring. Waking up the urge to start using some colors again. Thankfully!

These are the three eyeshadows I used for my look:

Yellow in the inner corners, for a pop of color!
Light pink all over the lid!
Duochrome bronze-red on the crease!

More photos after the jump....

First this very shopped picture. I thought it was pretty, so I included it. Angry brows, haha. Sorry!

I had a bunch of fun, creating this easy to do and wear, make up look. I think I'll start creating some colorful looks again. YAY! I totally want to do something with turquoise color in it. It is practically calling my name.


  1. Ful zanimivo. Od blizu mi tista rumena nekako ne paše zraven, potem pa vidim sliko celega obraza, pa mi prav noro dobro izgleda ;) Nikoli ne bi rekla. Pa šminka mi je lepa <3
    xoxo, Nyx

    1. O hvala. Ja, ta rumena je bila tako.. nenadna. Dodala sem jo, just because. Pa mi je bilo všeč <3. :D


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