Make-up: Velvet Circus Dancer


It's been a while since I did a make up look. Well a while since I wore anything than nude eyeshadows on my eyelids..   Ah, Spring. Waking up the urge to start using some colors again. Thankfully!

These are the three eyeshadows I used for my look:

Yellow in the inner corners, for a pop of color!
Light pink all over the lid!
Duochrome bronze-red on the crease!

More photos after the jump....

First this very shopped picture. I thought it was pretty, so I included it. Angry brows, haha. Sorry!

I had a bunch of fun, creating this easy to do and wear, make up look. I think I'll start creating some colorful looks again. YAY! I totally want to do something with turquoise color in it. It is practically calling my name.

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