My daily makeup routine! [updated]


You may have seen my last daily makeup routine a long, long time ago. If I am not mistaken it can be found in my How-to section

I have updated it and now I am using evern *more* products! 
I went from using just a bit of foundation, powder and eyebrow set to using half a store of products, hehe. Just kidding, but you get the idea. 

Let's start with the foundation [finished face is at the end]

I start with applying my regular daily cream or sunscreen (depends on the weather). 

Then I pat on the NATURAL 100 Mineral Sunkill all over my face. I wait a minute and then with my little helper - CATRICE blending sponge (damp) I apply a touch of the CATRICE Nude illusion foundation all over my face. I found that if the sponge is damp, it absorbs less foundation and it is easier to blend. 
I finish it all off with adding a bit of concealer from CATRICE - Camouflage cream, using the pointed tip of the blender to apply it on problematic areas.
Next comes the "I am naturally pretty" part. 
I add a blush of daily preference to the mix - in this post I am using the ESSENCE So blush! in "Santa, is that you?" on my cheekbones and a bit over it and on my temples a tiny, tiny but of this amazing (and sadly discontinued) highlighter by CATRICE - Prime and Fine

If I am not feeling lazy, I do sometimes add some ESSENCE Sun Club bronzer on the hollow part of my cheekbones. You know, to create shadows. Because I have naturally fierce cheekbones [not]. 

And since I want it all to stay and don't like the shiny skin on my T-zone for the rest of the day, I use the ESSENCE All about Matt fixing powder on my T-zone and ALVERDE Fixing spray all over my face.

After this part, I have to wait about 3 minutes for everything to set

Let's show you how I look at this point (no photoshop, hooray!). I use this time to brush my teeth. :D
I don't have flawless skin, but who cares! I can fake it (somehow) sometimes ;).

The brows! 

This is one of the most important parts, because brows do frame our faces, especially if you are wearing glasses.
I use the CATRICE Eyebrow palette  which is very loved, as you can see. I realized the tiny brush that comes with it, is great for precise lines. I try to use it as much as possible to give them a crisp look. Cuz' I am fancy like that. 

Of course I get sometimes rushed and start feeling frustrated right in the middle of doing my brows. It's like I know it's the most important part, but hello.. let's rush it and make my makeup look like crap! Why not?! D:

When I am [sometimes somehow, other times, when I don't rush it, very] pleased with the result, I fix my brows with the CATRICE Fixing brow wax. And yes, it is a wax. Works well but you must not overdo it, because then your eyebrows will have a slight wet look. 

The easy part - eye prep

I have oily lids so I need me some heavy duty primers. On the worst days my beloved TOO FACED insurance primer won't cut it, so I top it with ESSENCE liquid eyeshadow. 

How do I do it? I apply with my finger a tiny but of eyeshadow primer and when I have used it on both lids, I go straight ahead and add the cream eyeshadow over it. Now I have a disco ball going on my eyelids, but I don't care. That's why the YVES ROCHER eyeshadow in Rose the Mat is here for. 
I slam it on, like there's not tomorrow and call it a day. 
But seriously with this preparation my makeup goes nowhere. 
two globs of eye primers (okay one is a liquid eyeshadow)

The fun part - eye makeup! Hell yeah!!

This is where I go with whatever I am in the mood for. Sometimes it is nudes [ahem, most times], other times I am feeling brave and go for colors and when I am really trying to impress someone [read: not feeling lazy] I go all the way and use mineral eyeshadows. 

Here I am using the I HEART MAKEUP chocolate palette; a nice dark and matte color in the crease, some heavy duty dark color in the V part of the eyelid and a bit of shiny godness on the central part of the lid. I blend the fu*k of it and call it a day. Then I add my favorite eyeliner by CATRICE - liquid liner (waterproof)  and some mascara. Those are changing every three months, but currently I am using this bulky thing by CATRICE - Ultimate lash Multimizer (what?). I do a bit of tightlining with ESSENCE longlasting eye pencil and yeah, that's my eye makeup.

The good stuff - lipsticks <3 .="" h4="">

My to-go color is always a red lipstick (because those are the ones I *hoard*). But here, you know here, let's make it different. I used the gorgeous lipstick by ESSENCE - Come to town  called is that you, Santa? and the ESSENCE lip liner (transparent). Because who wants to own xy lip liners? I don't.. :P

Here is the beautiful lipstick (and a wonky application, sorry!). I love this damn lipstick, but don't have it anymore. You will be missed dearly. 

Oh, you came to the end of this little [long-ish] post. Congratulations! You totally deserve to see me with a face full of makeup. 

How does this camwho*ing thing to.. ? Hmm... do I look down? 
Oh wait, that's for fashionistas. I ain't one.:P 

I can smile! :D Seriously, believe me?! 

I totally thought how cool it would be to write the brand of the stuff I am using in big shiny letters, because I thought I was using multiple brands. Now that this would come out to be like a huge advert for Essence & Catrice. I solemnly promise I am just a huge fan! (and that I am up to no good). 

If you want to say something, feel free to do so in the comments. I added a "reply" button, so my blog is now .. fancier. ;D

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