Review: Eveline Extreme Slim 3D Serum

Hi guys!

I bought this product a while ago and I have been using it sparingly in the last few weeks. It is a slimming (anti-cellulite) lotion that promises to stimulate fat and help cellulite disappear
Well, I didn't buy it for that because I think all of these creams are a gimmick. I bought it because it said thermal, yes that's exactly the word I liked. 

You see a long time ago, I had this amazing anti cellulite cream, that I was buying from a friend that got it in Croatia. I am talking about this cream that I loved. 

And I was hoping this one would come close to it since that one did fill my ass wrinkles (haha, sorry for the mind image) for some hours. 

But let's start from the beginning...  The packaging. 

It comes in a sturdy red plastic squeeze tube. It is travel-friendly and there is nothing too special about it. There is a lot of stuff written on it and it is a bit cluttered. 
But the cap works well and I had absolutely no problem with it. 

I got the extra big packaging that says 50ml free, hooray for that! 

The tube is pretty big! And thus heavy. 

The cream/lotion:
It is white and has a mid-thick consistency. The scent is very spicy, like first is nothing and the after-scent is boom spicy. It tells you what comes after the application. 
It is easy to apply and spread. 

Does it work?
Well, no. I read a bunch of reviews after I got it and they were all really shady. They went from "this doesn't work" and then a bunch of "omg this stuff is amazing, it works!!" to attacking the people who said it doesn't work "you lazy fu*k, you need to workout for it to work"..  Lol. 

When you apply it, it takes about 2 minutes for the thermal effect to take place. The beginning is mild, like "oh wow, I can totally do this" and then the burning sensation starts. "Oh god, oh god what have  I done?!". It feels like if you put some chilly in a cream and spread it on your legs. Don't go too close to your privates or you are going to have a bad time. 
It lasts about 15 minutes and then it is over. 

But it does make my skin smoother, yes! I now use it solemnly for the lotion part. 

So if you are feeling masochistic here and there, do try this cream! 

+ Big squeeze tube, with lots of product
+ Study package
+ easy to apply
+ you get the feeling it works (even if it doesn't)
+ The price is okay (I paid 50% less because I had a coupon) ~9€

- it BURNS like heck!
- doesn't work on cellulite (well hello, of course!)

I knew that it doesn't work when I was getting it. But I was hoping it may work, because of the thermal effect. Well no, sadly it doesn't. But that doesn't stop me, I still apply it about 2-3 times a week after a shower (after a workout). I found that it burns more if I apply it right after a shower, it must be something with moisture on the skin? 

Would I recommend this? Not exactly, only if you are bored of life here and there. And of course masochistic. ;)

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