New in: September 2014


This month I was really great when it comes to shopping.
I got everything I needed to start my manicure practice (for a course). 

My wallet is still crying and I don't know if it will ever recover, but hey.. you can totally come and get your nails done @me now ;).  Right, right? That's what I am saying to myself..  :P

Catrice liquid eyeliner - Waterproof
My favorite eyeliner for the past year. I used up three of them and I will stick to it as long as they make it. It is wonderful! 

An OK mascara, that I wrote a review about (click the name link). 

Balea Trend it up Salz-Spray
I know that Summer is gone, but I love the beach hair so much! I want to wear it every day, but I don't think it works without the strong sun? Meh :(. 

Dusch Das Feel Fresh
An OK deodorant, that somehow managed to leak all over my bags when I bought it. Why?! 
The scent is alright and for now, it doesn't irritate my skin. 

Muller Jojoba oil
When colder months come, I start using jojoba oil again. Or any oil that works with my face skin. This one was on sale, so I got it. 

Alverde Sensitiv daily cream
This one is on a heavy side, but I think it will be perfect for cold days. 

Nenedent kid toothpaste
It's without fluoride and since my kid eats his damn toothpaste, I decided to get him this one. Was looking for a Weleda one, but they didn't have it in the store at the moment. 

Carmex lip butter
Ohhhh, the joy! What a fantastic product! With some menthol sensation at the end, that I do actually like. Great!

Blistex Daily lip conditioner
A knock-off of Carmex. Similar effect but a bit more stinky. Still good! 

Pedi mouse (Pedi-egg)
It is the same as pedi egg and it does wonders for my heels! No more dry heels! I do like it and the price was OK! (about 7€)

Essence Aquatix - pearls are a girl's best friend
A nude-ish nail polish with some nice purple-ish sheen to it. But it does take a lot of layers to get opaque, tho it is great for french manicures.

Essence bling bling topper 
Lovely! Has some blue/purple micro glitter to it that makes the whole thing look galaxy-like over black nail polish. A really great topper! 

Fingr's Gel kit
I really wanted to learn how to make gel nail extensions and I couldn't wait for my ordered set from BornPrettyStore to come, so I picked up this. The price is steep and there is just a tiny bit of gel there (4ml), but I did learn! 

Essence caring nail oil
A great product, that I already used one up. It smells delicious and helps a bunch with cuticles. 

Essence gel nails at home 3 in 1 nail oil
Another great product, but I don't like the roll on applicator. 

Essence studio nails Ultra nail repair base coat
A base coat with added keratin, Perfect for weak nails. 

Essence studio nails Jelly pearls hydrating gel
Perfect for dry nails, the ones with ridges. Easy to spread and apply and smells delicious.

Essence Pro White glow top coat
For yellowing nails. Balances the yellow out and you are left with more natural looking nails. 

Essence I love magic top coat
A holo micro glitter top coat. Totally looks like Pixie dust. I needed this in my life! 

Essence thermal nail polish in nude
Goes from cold nude to warm apricot. LOVELY! 

Double rhinestones pack. Yay! I don't like that they already have glue on, but okay better than nothing. 

Essence nail polish remover
A staple in my collection. I use them up all the time.. :)

Essence studio nails corrector
Helps a bunch when it comes to fixing little mistakes. I didn't use them before the course, but now I see the joy of using them. I still prefer the brush & remove method, but they are still fine. 

Misslyn ridge filler base coat
For ridge filled nails.. ;). Works nicely. 

Essence Ultra strong nails base coat - with Formaldehyde
NOT for pregnant or nursing ladies. I won't touch it, but it is for all the people with nails so weak that they bend. It is a treatment and not a one-time only thing! 

Essence Gel nails at home cleansing pad (for gel nails)
I got curious and got it. We'll see how it goes. ;)

Two polishing files
Great for "closing" nails. They get used up quite quickly if used with other wet stuff (like gels etc). 

And a UV lamp
I know I could totally get it from Ebay for dirt cheap, but I needed it now! It works well and I got it especially to work with builder gels. Because I am waiting for a bunch of them in the mail. 

Okay, this is it from the stuff I got this month. Because anything comes in the mail now, I will add it in the next month. Because I won't be buying any stuff soon again. I have everything!

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