Mom diary: 20 months old


Another month passed by and here's the next mom diary. I didn't have to place to post the previous one quickly enough, so one month passed in between. But fret not, it won't happen again.

What's new? 

The little boy is clever and if he can't reach something he will grab his little chair and reach whatever he wants with the help of it. Oh, that door knob seems too high? No problem, let me grab my chair.. ;). One day we found him on the stairs, heading down because he opened the front door!! That was a complete heart attack discovery. Luckily he didn't get hurt (he made it down like 4 stairs before I realised that something is going on), but he wasn't all that pleased to go back. 

You know how I said that he mimics everything? That is still actual and now he tried to say EVERY SINGLE word. If I say that I like lemons he will try to say that too. His sentence will be missing half the letters, but he will feel proud. Oh boy, you just said a curse word? Ehhhm... too bad, hope he didn't hear (of course he did!), then hope that he didn't understand the 'weight' behing it. 

He is currently obsessed with cartoons. We try to let him watch them max 20 mins/day but sometimes he just doesn't want to get off!! Luckily it's warm outside so there's plenty of stuff to do there. He is a fan of the little Russian cartoon called "Maša in medved". There's this little girl that does all sorts of things and the poor bear has to fix them in the end. Sometimes she does the good work, but only because she messed it in the beginning. Anyway.. it's cute. 

A friend of mine once brought him a tiny little bear. It's an ikea bear and it's small and cute. He takes it wherever he goes and doesn't let go of it. Now it's a little chewed up since the dog found him once or twice, but it is still a toy he likes a lot. Maybe because it is so small? I tried to get him a 'special' toy that he would love for his entire childhood, but I failed. He didn't like the custom made toy, but he did like a similar cat one. But then he remembered the bear.. oh well, the beat it is!
photo by Ikea

His two favorite words are "maga" and "tabo" - which are a shortened version of sayins "I want to help" and  "I want to go with you". And he means those things. He does want to help at everything. It is adorable and also very convenient. Ohhh he wants to clean? SURE! Here's a dry cloth for you to clean with. Vacuum? Yes, sure. :) It may take a while for him to do it and it may not be the most precise cleaning ever, but he enjoys it. So why not. 

First selfie

He saw me taking selfies and he wanted to try it too. At first I was really wary of letting him using my camera (even if just the small one), but he learned how to handle it and now it doesn't fall on the floor anymore... :P
He knows how to take pictures (very ahem, creative if I may say so) and he took his first selfie! His aunt said it's not 'the best', but he is a quick learner and a week or two later the second selfie was made! It is kind of hilarious and scary at the same moment. What have I done?! 

Selfie number 2!

Our morning routine this month went like this: Kid woke up, I woke up. Kid lied on my chest and said "nesu" which means he wants to be carried. To the living room. AH! He was sick (had a cold) for a week and he wasn't feeling at his best, so I carried him. Every single morning. After two weeks he decided he had enough of this and went alone. He still says "nesu", but he goes down the bed and to the door. There he waits that I open it and off he goes. 

He loves being carried, just with my hands and not with my Boba carrier! Whenever he sees it he screams "NO!" and runs away. I need to use a carried when I take the dog out (because the kid seldom wants to stay alone for those 3 minutes and play), because it takes like 10x the time it would normally do if he goes along without it. I mean... okay if he walks that's fine. If he doesn't... we have a problem. Sometimes he does want to be carried (usually when he is sleepy), but it is rare. I realized he wants to be carried on the front again (I carried him like that until he was 10 months old?). So I guess I should try it that way (I just have a bit of a problem on closing the carrier if I wear him like that). 

I take these "us" pictures monthly because I want to remember. I want to see how he grow up and how did I grow old. ;)

His current favorite activity is dance. This means that I pick him up, jump (dance haha) around the room and then spiiiin and spiiin. He screams with delight. He loves doing this so much that he'd do it every minute awake. Boy, his laugh is such a joy to hear!

excuse my creepiness

He still mixes two words - to sing and to dance. But only when I tell him to do so. If I ask him to dance he won't do anything, maybe sometimes he will start dancing. But if I ask him to sing .. he starts dancing right along. :D He can sing the start of a children's song (ringa ringa raja) and he loves the song from Frozen - Do you wanna build a snowman. He follows me around and says "man maaan maa" which is supposed to mean snowman, because he wants me to play the song. Of course he likes only the "happy" part of the song and starts arguing with me when the sad part plays. Hey kid, it's not like I made it ;P.

The big thing this month is drawing. He draws on ANYTHING. I cleaned so many surfaces.... *sigh*, but we knew this would come... Anyway, one day he took my folder in which I have some bland papers. Before I knew it he managed to grab about 10 of them and draw on all of them and wanted to take more. He was practically a drawing machine that day! ;) 
The next day he made this little drawing. 

Well this is it for this month, there's another month to catch up and then we'll see where life takes us. :)

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