Mom diary: 19 months old


Ohhh, how late am I with this post! The thing is, time flies by so quickly and I had a bunch of other posts scheduled before this one.

My little kid is growing up so quickly and is becoming more and more independant.

I especially like this little thing called (ok not so little maybe), learnining how to talk. It is extremely cute, but at the same time the source of many frustrations for him. Especially when I don't completely understand what does he want. He is repeating many words, but not the full words, just what he can say. And you know.. guess what has he said then? Usually those words come with a bunch of gestures, so you can at least get a hint of what he's talking about. It is very fascinating.

I also find it very cute when he is playing alone. I mean not the fact that he's playing alone, but the adorable sounds he's making. Like a little bird...  with a tiny car in his hand. He goes from "brrrrooooom broom" (car) to "čiwčiw" in a second or two. Haha, hilarious! 
He needs a lot of time to play with us adults and wants to be around most of the time, but when he does play alone.. it's a bliss.

His favorite games are those in which he's play-pretending. Like cooking, vacuuming and so on. Just yesterday he helped me make dinner. :) If I ask him to bring me something, he will usually do it. Unless he is in a sour mood or is trying to get me to do something else. His favorite game is still peek-a-boo, with a twist. It's not just peek-a-boo but it's turning into hide and seek. Such a little game, but a source of great joy!

Ohh, he does know tantrums. As he is getting closer to his 2nd birthday, he is trying to make his will count more and more. Which is fine, if he doesn't want something dangerous or unappropriate at that time (you know like chocolate before dinner, stuff like that). 

What has made this period go from "omg when will it pass?!" to "ooooh, such a delight!" is my mentality change. I needed to let go of "he's my little baby" mentality and accept it that he is a little boy. A growing little boy. He is becoming more and more independant (in his own way) and I needed to accept that. It made things so much easier, thinking about him as a little child instead of a helpless baby. Because you know what you get if you act around a toddler like he's a baby? Tantrums, many of them.

This month made me think of the months pre-toddlerhood. It was a lovely month and I hope we will find a way to cope with the tantrums or make them go away in a nice way.

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