Instaweek: March 1st


It's been quite a while from my last instaweek post. I guess I could call those Instamonth thing? Because I so seldomly  do them.

It's Sunday and usually nothing is going on, so I wanted to cheer you all up with a little itsy post. 

From left to right:

  1. A bunch of samples I got from my Korean order. They are so cute. 
  2. My Korean order. A sunscreen, a placenta cream and a snail essence cream. 
  3. Little one cleaning - vacuuming. He's eager to help with the chores. :)
  4. Little Benton samples, cute and tiny. One pair lasted me for two weeks (I used it sparingly).
  5. My first try with the cocoa marshmallow mask. I used too much water, so I just look very dirty.
  6. The lovely set of items for one of my upcoming reviews. Sponsored! 
  7. My take at a greek futuristic make up. It came out okay. 
  8. Huge kinger egg. I am not a huge fan of these, because they are way too sweet for my liking, but I like the toys. 
  9. Red lipstick. 
  10. My gel manicure, with a cute twist - using the Essence kit.
  11. Heavy tree branches under the snow & ice. Many, many of them broke because of it. It was very dangerous walking under the trees for a couple of weeks.
  12. My Alessandro gel manicure.
  13. First day snowing.. 
  14. Kid enjoying himself at the playground
  15. A rose I got for my birthday from my parents. :)
  16. Kid running around the snowy field. He wasn't a huge fan of snow.
  17. Nude manicure. And my very short nails :(
  18. Some earrings I got for my birthday from MIL.
  19. The present my darling got me :D. I wasn't expecting it. 
  20. Test run for the Valentine's manicure. At the end I didn't have such a bad-ass manicure on the V-day.

From left to right:

  1. Kid lying down on the dog's bed saying this is how he naps (no it's not).
  2. Brummm brummm around on the little car.. 
  3. My studded leggings. Pretty.
  4. CaffeOrzo (OrzoBimbo). It's not coffee, but it tastes exactly like coffee! I love it. 
  5. The gorgeous Catrice nail polish. So sparkly!
  6. Mini haul.
  7. Kid playing with a lovely girl.
  8. On a ride - wooo.
  9. Catching a baloon.
  10. Smiling. Cute!
  11. HUGE lip balm. HUGE! By H&M and it's actually good.
  12. Chocolate mask done right.
  13. Amazing sugar nail polish by catrice.
  14. Mini haul v2.
  15. Lots of junk food for a movie night, all by myself :P.
  16. Pink lips, damn I love lipstick (something new!)
  17. A nail polish I am not a huge fan of. Meh.
  18. The last patch of snow.. :D
  19. Walking, holding hands. Way too cute!!
  20. Playing, playing

Have a nice day! :)

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