Bold lips, neutral eye

Hi dolls,

I am really not into lipsticks no matter how hard I try (which I actually never did try... hard, at all). I currently have four lipsticks (a red, a bright red, a burgundy and a deep purple lipstick) and I love them very dearly. I just never remember to wear them

But now I will! I find it such a shame that I wouldn't wear them, so I made a make up look. It is really simple and plain, but it looks better just because of the lipstick!

They shall not be neglected anymore!

I used:

- Essence eyebrow gel (guerilla gardening TE)

- Catrice Arts collection palette (purple)
- Essence Lash mania reloaded mascara

- Catrice Love's Di-wine

- Catrice All Matt plush shine control foundation
- Catrice blush in Think pink

I am such a mess when it comes to lipstick application :/, and I keep forgetting I am wearing one.. the stains, oh the stains!

I tried doing half the make up the way the Korean do it, but changed my mind halfway in!
Oh and I think light purple really is a neutral color on green eyes.. ;P

Do you wear lipstick? How did you start wearing one? 

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