About honesty, sellouts and disclosures

Hi everyone,

Today I want to talk about a topic that many people think it is important, which I think it is good to address.

I know that lots of people think that bloggers and vbloggers that review sponsored products are sellouts. Honestly, there are only a few people that can survive just on their blog/vlog alone. The most fameous ones, yes but others can't. There are many PR agencies that help with sponsored posts, but it's hardly paying off (except if your vlog/blog is super popular!). A person can be unbiased even if he/she has received compensation for the post/video. And thanks god for the people that actually make it, since if you can survive with your own work, go for it. I mean it's the ultimate dream of everyone? Get paid for something you love to do, right?

When it comes to sponsored contenent I am always honest. Even if sometimes you want to keep a good relationship with your sponsors, but it shouldn't resoult in advertising a crap product/service as a good one. There's no excuse for that! (Maybe if you're starving and that's your only income/opportunity and you have to feed a family, maybe?). I don't know. I try to see different sides of everything, so there isn't a lot of things that make me angry.

It causes me some distress when I see people that turn agains their favorite gurus when they get sponsorships or make the big bucks. I mean aren't you happy your guru is finally able to survive with her/his work? With the stuff he/she loves to do? Aren't you happy for them?
No, of course not. People think that they won't be honest anymore. But those vloggers/bloggers generally care about what they do and their viewers/readers. Most of them.
 It is so easy to judge people when you don't know what is going on in their personal life. Oh boy, does everyone love drama!

Anyway lets focus back on my blog, shall we? I am always honest with my reviews. I can't make a living with my blog, so there's that. The most I made out of it was for a couple of coffees. I write for my own enyjoment and to share what I know and learn about products. I love cosmetics way too much to shut up about it. 

Also you shouldn't trust blindly all the reviews (even mine!), I suggest you do your own research before buying anything. That's the way I shop (except for the impulsive buys, but those aren't worth a lot), and I think it's a great metod to find only the best of the best.

I got into buying so many products because of my blog, I love sharing my thoughts about them! If I weren't blogging I'd probably own a handful of higher end stuff (that I'd keep using all over again), but now I can't afford it and probably wouldn't buy them even if I could. I prefer having a bunch of stuff I love and being able to rotate between products. This is how I got into blogging. I wanted to review stuff.. :) I also enjoy writing about stuff.. maybe my writing is overly simplistic and boring, but damn I do have fun while doing it. Which is all that matters. When no one will be reading my blog anymore, I will still write - for myself.

I wasn't all that strict with writing the little disclosure about PR items/bought items, but I'll go back and edit them in the previous posts. Maybe it will help some people, but my opinion will remain unchanged. Also as far as I am concerned it is required by law only for those USA located bloggers, which mine isn't. But I know that some people find it important, so there's that.

My blog does accept sponsored contenent and products, but you'll always know which ones are they (sponsored contenent won't have my signature + PR badge in them and for the products there will be a disclosure).

Okay, I had to get this out there. 

I am curious to hear about your thoughts?

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