Mom Diary: 17 months old

Hi, hi everyone!

Oh wow, it's been already that long since my kid was born? Ohhh damn, now I understand all the parents that say how time flies by.... Oh boy, so quickly it goes by!

My little toddler has turned 18 months this week, so I can give you an update how it was last month (17 months!).

This month I've realised that my kid ... is an adult in the making. I mean not just yet, but I feel that whatever I do - it will make an impact in the long run. Okay, maybe not a small action, but many of them all over again. You know, it puts a lot of pressure into being a mom. Especially being a stay-at-home mom. So for some weeks I was so stressed about this. I didn't want to make any mistake. Then I loosened up and it got better, phew!
I am trying to teach him some empathy, especially towards the dog (for now, as it is a direct problem). It is working and he is seldomly hitting the dog now, yay!!

having some fun with his dad

He's grown to undestand a lot more than last month and he loves to say no. No, he won't do what I asked him to. Okaaay..   When he says he won't do something and repeats it all over again with another thing, I know it's time to give him some chance to decide for himself. To be more relaxed and not go no-no-no all over him. I mean it's not fun being a parent when all you are saying is NO! Which is a lot of the time, bleh. Sometimes it's had to undestand toddlers. One second he says to give him something (points at it and says "to to" which means "this this"), and the other second he throws the thing in anger. Because it wasn't what he was expecting. Fun, right? :D

And it's especially fun when he wants something RIGHT NOW. You hear me? Right-freaking-now! Luckily I've been practicing some tactics from the book "the happiest toddler on the block" and they are working. It's giving me more time to do the task he'd like me to do. ;)

wanting to be just like mommy with these glasses ;)

I find it very interesting on how he tries to mimic everything we do. Ohh, you just smacked your spouse on the arse? Well too bad, he wants to do it too! Mom is cooking? He wants to do it too. Just he can't, because it isn't safe. But he'll definitely be getting a mini kitchen. I saw one at a friend's place and it was fantastic. Homemade.
There are some things that he loves to do and they are a great help when he does them (like cleaning!). 
Ohh I dread the day he'll realise these are chores and not so much fun.. :(

Photo by my lovely sister Helena 

One day I was visiting my sister and her roomate was entrataining my child. He gets bossy sometimes, so he demanded to listen to the duck song. Things escalated quickly and before I knew it, they were already listening to the bus song (the wheels on the bus go round and round... ), just in Slovenian. 
And then he said his frist sentence! I didn't even catch if until my sister pointed it out. Damn it was sweet. 
Which also means...  watch your tongue around the kid! 

Auntie and kid :)

I am also slowly forgetting what sleep is. I am damn sleep deprived (because I want to blog during the night!), since kid wakes up every 20 minutes from 1 am on. It's the teeth growin again. He has 9 teeth by now, 3 of them got out last month. That's a lot! Luckily there's still 3 teeth to grow until we get some peace.. and then again.  Because of the teeth he started eating a lot more! When he gets hungry (or is he rubbing the gums?) after supper, I give him a carrot to chew on. He enjoys it and luckily it's healthy.

When I was taking pictures in the light box, he insisted I take a picture of these two balloons. So here you have them.

A friend asked me what are we doing during the day, when we are alone? Well for once, there's his new passion of coloring and drawing. For now it's just lines and similar shapes, but he's getting the grip of it. We do also read books, listen to songs and watch a cartoon. I still remember when I said I won't let me kid watch cartoons. But here I am, my kid definitely watches one - it's called Bumba and it's damn funny. It lasts for about 5 minutes and I prefer it in the Norwegian language. I don't know why, it sounds so.. interesting.  At least he won't be scared of clowns, since the main characters are two clowns. Funny, goofy clowns. 

We go out a lot, too! I just really despise the mud. Kid loves it tho. It is annoying taking him up to the appartment when he's full of mud. Or wet. Or you know anything like that. But I can't deny him the fun of jumping in the puddles. The mud is a constant this winter. Seriously, where is the snow?! 

He was super excited on Christmas, opening the first present.

I think this is the first of the many months where his personality is coming out. He's a lovely kid, sometimes really bossy and demanding, but he's my kid and I love him just as he is. :)

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