Instaweek: December 3rd

Hi lovelies,
This week has been full of pictures and fun fun fun!

What have I been up to? :)

  1. Sleeping toddler. Damn I didn't see him pout like that for months. He is still my little "baby" *heart melts*
  2. I was feeling shitty as soon as I woke up. I did my make up as suggested by a friend. It helped!!
  3. I thought it was nice how the pasta and carrots looked in my soup. Haha, I know, silly right? =)
  4. Kid took my friend's phone. He looked shocked - idk what he heard? :D
  5. On a walk with a friend. My toddler had a blast!
  6. Rainy beginning of the day... it was wonderful looking at the puddles forming.
  7. Sugary stuff I was offered at a friend's house while I was visiting. YUM!!
  8. I liked my make up here, so I took a photo. Started getting better at eyebrows. I mean it is so much easier to see what you are doing with darker brows. It also has a bigger impact on the overall look.
  9. Running kid. I already miss the sunny days at the seaside. They are wonderful.
  10. Seaside view. It hasn't changed in years, but it is still my favorite.
  11. Nail polish haul. Essie, I love you Essie. These polishes dry so quickly!
  12. Essie Toggle to the Top. Lovely polish that I am still wearing today (6 days later?)
  13. The sea. It will always be part of me.
  14. Kid drawing on a foot massager. With markers. Neon markers.
  15. He is showing me the duck song, except there's a pig on the video.. damn I hope he won't mix pigs and ducks because of it!
  16. A Cake I made. It was really good, but I suck at decoration! But this weekend I have learned some new tricks,.. mwahaha! ;)
Darlings, how was your week? 
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