Instaweek: December 23rd 2013

Hi darlings!
I decided to post this week review today, since I don't know how much will I be able to blog this week.

From left to right:
  1. Kid playing around the block. Not our own, but the neighbour's block. Who cares about the playground anyway!
  2. Christmas manicure. First time using Nailz Craze plates. They are so lovely!
  3. Such delicate necklace from a Korean seller, but I bough it in Sandra's store.
  4. Wrapped all the gifts! Wrapping gifts with a toddler around is ... hard. I was a wreck at the end!
  5. Festive Milka chocolate. Yum!
  6. NEW Myequa bottle. I swear to whateverthereisornot that this is my last one. Really. I broke 3 of them already!
  7. I went to the loo and kid pushed his favorite book under the door, so I wouldn't get bored. Hahaha!
  8. Rocking statement brows. 
  9. Lush goodies for my family. ;)
  10. Coffee ritual. Yum! I don't have it every day, because I don't need to but still when I do it's divine.
Please tell me how did your week go. I'd love to hear more about it.


  1. The nail polish is beautiful!
    I have to try this Milka chocolate. :D

  2. @Beauty Blogette: The chocolate is nothing special, but it looks good. Thanks for the compliments :3


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