Instaweek: October 20th

Hello darlings!

Another week, and a couple of instagram pictures more :)!

You can click on the picture to view it in better resolution :)
From upper left to right.

  1. My new manicure! It is made with Essence get at home nails, which by now you probaby know I love :)
  2. My NEW glasses! I am super happy with them, especially since I ordered first time glasswear online.
  3. Kinder maxi. Didn't really like it - it was old or just they changed the formula?!
  4. I made chocolate cake with bananas, from scratch! Sadly I still can't decorate (this is my 3rd cake so far)
  5. Baby yoga. To stay in shape some yoga in the morning, haha..
  6. An artistic (wanna be) picture of my lovely kid in the park. It is officially autumn!
  7. I did my friend's and my nails. One after another, well I also did her make up in the meanwhile :D FUN! It was a lovely day :)
  8. Kid in the park. Once more.
  9. My outfit for the park - The sneakers are too cold for this damn cold weather :P
  10. Manicure from when I was in denial that it is Autumn... it didn't last long! 
  11. Piece of bread with nutella. Yummy, but ugly.
  12. Kid danced like there's no tomorrow. It was lovely!! 

How was your week?

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