Instaweek October 15th

Hi darlings,
A bit late but here is last week in instagram pictures.

From left to right:
  1. My manicure - most of it was done on the Cosma event, I repainted my index finger and added a star. I was always wondering WHY are the accent nails the ring finger and the index finger. Well now I know - the star got ripped during my sleep.. D: 
  2. The clouds formed a heart while I went on a walk. Lovely lovely view.
  3. My face using Catrice/Essence products. Mostly Catrice. Their stuff is pretty much awesome.
  4. My rearranged make up storage. This is my daily used make up, just to make clear. In the other storage I have the mineral eyeshadows, glitters and so on.
  5. All the goodies I got from the Cosma event. LOTS of them, but they aren't just for me. 
  6. My perfume collection. Nothing fancy, since when I had expensive fragrances I was afriad to use them and in the end they were collectiong dust.
  7. The goodies from the event in three different bags. I put them in all the bags we got so I could carry them up the stairs, I was afraid the big one would break!
  8. I went shopping with my parents and my son. It was lovely and the toddler liked it too. Here they are walking in the mall.
  9. My new boots. From the shopping trip :)
  10. I made dinner and it was so good I took pictures. Cream pasta with tuna fish and carrots as a salad.
My week was lovely and I hope yours was too! 
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