Essence gel nails at home part 2

Hello darlings,

I blogged about the Essence gel nails at home set here, but I think I didn't say nearly enough about it.
That yellow/mint manicure lasted me for a whole week (7 days) almost untouched (tipwear barely visible). I got bored of it and decided to get it off. I also wanted to fix those cuticles!

The removal:
I peeled off the polish, and finished with nail polish remover. I tried removing with just the polish remover and it didn't work. It destroyed quite a bit of my nail bed, but my nails were brittle before, so no big deal, really.
But YES, it does damage your nails! Remove with caution.

This time I decided to go with another yellow theme, combining two yellows from Essence. One from the Tribal collection and another that is being discarded in the stores. 

The polishes I used: 
Essence Little Miss Sunrise
Essence Inti Inka (Tribal collection)

I applied double base layers (because of the very visible shrinkage!) and double top layers (again the dreadful shrinkage!). Thus the overall look is a little bit more ... chubby. I also did some cleanup before applying the top coat.
I don't really mind it, but it looks quite funny upon closer inspection.

chubby nails

Anyway, I don't mind the extra layers but next time I will know better. Here it is - practice makes you better. This is my third manicure and it is so much better than my terrible first one (you didn't see it).

What are your experiences with this set?

*This product was purchased by myself. My opinion is always honest.
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