Essence STAYS no matter what eyeliner mini review

Essence came up with something new - Stays no matter what eyeliner.

I am not really sure if the formula is something new or it is just the old eyeliner in a new design? 
I am sorry for the pictures - they were taken with a video camera and thus are not the best.

The tip is made of felt just like your regular marker. And oh boy, that tip really makes the application idiot-proof! Because of it I find it such a pleasure to do my eyeliner. Don't get me wrong, the brush + gel liner is good, but it doesn't take me 1 minute like this one does. 

Here is the thickness you can archive with the tip. From super thick to extra thin. Perfect!

I washed it off right after I applied it. And this is the result of that. Didn't get completely off, there was still a trace of it.. But.. 

Little did I know that this would be the exact same result left on my eyelid (no surprise, no?).
I wore my eyeliner for days (and removing it in the night), but the third or fourth day something happened! 

The eyeliner on the lid.

IT DIDN'T GO OFF! Stays no matter what, indeed it is!
I tried regular remover, oil, cream, you name it! But the thing just didn't go off. 

This is the result after vicious rubbing and cleansing. Didn't budge!

The next day there was a lighter mark, but only the third day it went off. 

After all I love this eyeliner, but but but.. I am still not sure how to cope with this stain thing.. Really. It kind of throws me off. 

Did you try it? Would you buy it if you had a chance to? 

*This product was purchased by myself. My opinion is always honest.


  1. to je pa res malo nerodno :) Lej si pa imela vsaj make up, tudi ko ga nisi posebej delala :) hehehe Glej s pozitivne strani:)

  2. tega sem imela tudi jaz namen kupiti, ker ko sem ga testirala na roki je bil res obstojen... samo prvič vidim eyeliner ki pusti stain :) verjetno ga bom vseeno vzela, pa ga imela samo za takrat ko rabim res obstojen liner :)


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