Instaweek January 14th-20th


I am bringing back to life my instaweek series - I um kind of forgot about them + didn't have a pc for quite a while.
But still, there are many many pictures on my instagram (300+), and I do update daily. I mean it's easy, and fun! 

The pictures are from today till last week (first one being the newest, last one being the oldest).

1. Breastfeeding in public seems to be quite a problem everywhere and it rises some questions and hot blood. Some people think it is disgusting as they are forgetting breasts are made for babies in the first place. I posted this picture in solidarity for all the moms out there that are afraid to breastfeed in public. I think it's convenient to be able to do that everywhere! And not only for kids up to 1 year old! 

2. Every time I see my baby sleeping cuddled next to me, I just melt. I die a bit inside (because he is growing up so quickly!), but at the same time I am filled with love. Makes me cry! 

3. I did my nails, I did my nails! It's almost incredible, hehe. Not because it would be so hard, but because I have super short nails (it's convenient and well I got lazy) and I wasn't home. But light blue nails with gold polka dots are a nice start, yes?

4. Some people say that kids and dogs can't be friends. Well that would be right if you have that little annoying barking little thing. That is probably jealous too (just joking, lol!). I am lucky that I have a pitbull mix (or stafford, god knows what breed he is really) and he is super kind to my kid. Of course I do watch what are they doing. Usually it's my baby trying to eat my dog's feet and dog licking him so long he goes away. Simple :)

5. Oh hi! Here he was jumping around (to be exact, he was jumping next to me/on me). And this was the only picture I could take of him being still. Thank you flash! Did you notice, he's a little poser? ;D

6. Got a stack-load of baby biscuits. Everything for my little baby. And for me, because they are really yummy! Except baby makes a mess when he eats one alone. Everything is covered in parts of the biscuit including his face, clothes and the baby seat. Yikes!

7. Nutella. Everybody loves nutella. And when my dear told me he loves it too (what the hell was I thinking?!), I got him one. From Italy.

8. The best coffee I had in a while. With secret ingredients which made it even better. Homemade at my friend's house :)!!

9. Baby again! Standing and walking/jumping on the bed. Or at least trying. :D We went to my home for the weekend and there he was, exploring his surrounding. 

10. Amazing cake my sister did. She's fantastic at baking. Really! FANTASTIC! She could do it professionally if she ever wanted. It was delicious. DAMN! :D

Okay, so this is it for today - what was your week like? 
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