Today we celebrate the 5th little candle

My baby just turned 5 months!

How time flies!! I can't believe it. I am every day with him and still - these past 5 months flew by so quickly.. 
We are trying the solid food and it's been quite a hassle. But so far so good. 

He does also some cute tricks (like putting his knees under his little arse and getting in the crawl position and then jumping on the spot, haha). :D

He is also currently a bit sick, but nothing major (a cold), making him a little brat at times ;).

Enough talk, more photos!

Oh right, if you have any tips on how to start with solid food, go ahead and tell me :). I am kind of lost here, I prefer nursing haha :D


  1. iii srček mali! In kako gre hitro čas... :S

  2. I think i never left a comment on your blog, but i've been following it for a long time now..

    i don't have kids but i'm a nanny.
    I heard about a 'technique' on how to introduce solid food, i've seen a few videos about that and i think i'll definitely try that with my own kids in a few years..

    You can google "baby-led weaning", very interesting, i hope this will help ;)


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