Gift ideas - Dresses

 Hello everyone!
Here are again some gift ideas (that I'd totally buy!)

1. Pencil dress with lace.
It's simple, it's sexy and it's red. Perfect for the Christmas evening or maybe the lovely New Year's Eve.

2. Purple strapless dress 
It is simple and classy. For all the ladies that stay young girls at heart (me me me!) or maybe for a walk in two, a first date. Oh the options are endless.

3. Black coat 
I love the design of this coat, because it looks like a dress with its unique twist. Lovely!
I'd totally wear this :D

You can find all these pretty things in the One2Wear store, or maybe Asos (if you are familiar with it).
Also I am pretty sure such black coat can be found in most clothes stores, but it's sure really pretty!

Now tell me, would you buy clothes for presents (that's if you knew their size and taste?)
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