Pregnancy week 41 and birth story

I want to share the last weeks of pregnancy with you all. They were going on really slowly, because once you're past the date your baby should come it gets bad...  (as in I really dislike waiting!).

Week 41
I got really anxious for my next check up at the doctor's. I mean they said we'll have to accelerate the labour..  But luckily they said everything is okay with the baby so I decided to wait some more. I didn't want to hurry up with the birth...  I wasn't prepared for medicated labour. I wanted it to be as natural as possible.

I also got a date - July 13th, if nothing happened by then then the doctors would do it for me ... ehr, damn I wasn't looking forward!

But the night before (the night between 11th and 12th July) something started to happen. I got regular and very painful contractions and I was still damn hungry!!
I was craving Mcdonalds Mcnuggets (ew, I know!!) or any other junk food. The contractions started at midnight and they were already at 6min for 3hours (I thought they were irregular tho they were not, breathing helped a lot!)..  I couldn't stand it anymore so I ate some ice cream :D. I was damn hungry!

And you know what? 20 minutes later I felt some excruciating pain and then the REAL contractions began. I also thought a bit of my water broke.

I woke up my dear and he asked me if he has some time to take a shower..  Since the contraction was gone I said sure... 5 minutes later I was screaming his name and yelling to get to the damn hospital already!!

The maternity hospital I chose was 40 minutes away.
All the way there I was dying in pain, praying not to give birth in car. You know.. with every contraction I felt the urge to PUSH!

Not to say I was damn angry at my dear because he was driving within the speed limit. :P

We go to the maternity hospital and I waited in the car so the contraction would pass...
Then we went to the room where they usually connect me to a CTG. I was pissed once more! I mean I wanted to give birth already, I was ready, yess?!

But no.. so they connected me and left me and my dear there for 20 minutes.. LOL. 10 minutes later and my water broke. I am pretty sure it was more than 2L of it! The nurse (very kind) came to check on me and gave me a vaginal exam. Said I am open 6cm and asked me if I'd like an enema to get everything out since I wanted to give birth in water. I was thinking and in the meantime I threw up! Ew... I also think I peed a little. So what.. why not. I was leaking from every hole possible, so lets do this for good.

Oh, did I mention the pain?! The omg wtf am I dying pain?!

So she gave me an enema and 3 minutes later I was dying in the toilet. I couldn't lean back because every time I did so, the toilet flushed. Some excrucitating minutes later I took a shower and damn it felt good! It helped a lot, but it stopped the minute I got out.

It was time to go in the labour room. Everyone was being so nice and all, and I didn't care. I lived every single second not thinking of anything else.. :D

The nurses said I can go in the bath tub (I wanted to give birth in the water) any time..  But I decided to 'take a break' on the table...
So I lied down on my hip, and the contractions got even harder to breath through.

No idea how much more later the nurse said it's ok for me to push and to not be afraid (somewhere in between I shushed my dear who told me to BREATHE). Oh and I screamed like they were breaking my bones with every contraction. The doctor came somewhere in between and asked me which Aria am I singing.
I wanted to kick his nuts!

Then the nurse asked me if I'd like to try and PUSH? And if I'd want to lie on my back, yes? And I did, it felt better! The contractions got milder,.. wow?!

Anyway.. I tried to push, and fuck it BURNED. Burned like mad! There are no words for how it burned. It was just.. wtf is going on down there?!
(here I was eating a chocolate bar - Frutabella)

But after a while the nurses had a shift change and they were gone for 20 minutes. It was just me and my dear then. It must be then when my baby shit over himself in my belly (okay on the way out)...

After a while two new nurses came and after some contractions asked me if I'd want to push again? YES!
I said I'd like to go in the water,  but since the head was practically out it wasn't possible..

Some pushing later and the baby was born! He was green.. well violet/blueish and well... small.  They took him and gave him to me. I didn't know what to do with him. He was... just there, crying a bit. 

The placenta had to come out first... I lost 0.5L of blood and the doctor came to see me because of that. He told the nurses which medications to give me (they asked me if they can first).

The labour was going on for a little bit more than 2 hours. So I guess I was quick, but not as quick as I wanted it to be (when I was still pregnant) - 45 min was my dream time :D.

The baby has his umbellical cord wrapped around his neck, arm and body. Thre little weaps..  no wonder he pooped himself on his way out.. 

You know how some mothers say they fell in love the first moment they saw their baby?
Well I didn't feel that. I was super tired all I wanted was to sleep. 

I tried to breastfeed him, but it didn't got all that well. So my partner held the baby for a while and then they examined him and dressed him up.

We got him back all dressed and sleeping in a tiny bed. CUTE!

Anyway 6 hours later we got to a single room (I wanted to be alone in the room, well with my partner - he slept over the first day and the last one).

I am really grateful to Porodnišnica Postojna, giving birth there was a great experience! Everyone is really nice (the nurses in the birth department and the ones that take care of babies and women who gave birth) and really professional.

Staying there was a great experience for me and my baby, my partner got a bit bored after a while (LOL), I didn't have the time to be bored.. (being afraid that my baby stopped breathing while sleeping and so on..).

I learned how to breastfeed - it was hard, but we did it in the end (I got milk the 3rd day after giving birth).
And while breastfeeding I fell in love with my little prince. And now I love him even more! He's already growing up.. ;)

I am pretty sure I'd like to add a couple of things more, but when you sleep for 1-3h a day.. your memory starts playing tricks on you. So maybe next time you'll read the story it will be longer and better... who knows.. ;)

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