Pregnancy from Week 30 to 37

Dear readers, don't worry I didn't forget about my mini pregnancy series..  The opposite.. :D
So here it is, from week 30 to 37.

Week 30
Luckily it's still not too hot, but I get random heartburns that make me feel sick. It's almost like I'm in the first trimester!  My back hurts here and there, but it's nothing special. So far so good!

Week 31
Had a check up at the dr. and everything is fine. The baby is still small but he's healthy. I got nothing to worry which makes me happy! :D I managed to forget every single health issue I have when I got to the doctor. Actually I am forgetting things a lot. Fun. :P

Week 32
This week it's the week we went shopping for baby stuff! My mother-in-law was really generous and gave us the founds to buy all the needed items. My mother bought almost all the clothes and the changing table plus probably many many more items. And me? Well I made a list of the things to buy which I went to buy when we got the founds. We got a trolley, cosmetics for the baby (soap and so on), some diapers, and lots of things you wouldn't even imagine that they are needed. If I'm correct I only bought the diapers and the tummy tub. That's why I am super grateful for every single person that helped us! Yes, baby items are expensive. 
I went to give my blood to check if I am HIV positive or not (I need it so I can give birth in the water). Well I am not, which of course isn't a surprise for me :P.

Week 33
This week I got the worst heartburn ever. I couldn't sleep at night, it drove me crazy!! I started asking people what helped THEM with such a problem. Everything I ate - heartburn - anything I did - heartburn. I think I was a bit of a crazy this week. It drove me nuts! 

Week 34
Finally found the solution! After buying many non working items (like some terrible Japanese spice??)  I found one thing that worked for me. Almonds or hazelnuts. I prefer hazelnuts, so I bought lots of those. I ate 1-3 every time I could feel the heartburn coming. And it worked! *happy*
I also got a check up at my dr.'s - the baby grow a lot - the dr. was a bit surprised. I also finally did all the blood tests (Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, toxoplasmose -3rd time during the pregnancy) + the Streptococcus agalactiae test.
I got many many stretch-marks. I got them in one week, or from one day to another..  It was just so quick! The baby grow a lot so I got them on my tummy (under the belly and the sides) + the ones I got when he (well I) started growing - thighs, under my knees (LOL), breasts (not really visible). 

(my sister bought these :D)

Week 35
If last week the tummy got huge, well now it's like a balloon! I also finally found out what helps with stretch marks once they're there (since my skin isn't all that elastic, oils and so on didn't help me). It's daily peeling! I got one cheap from Balea. I really didn't like the scent in the store, but the more I use it, the more I love it. It's not a really gentle peeling, but it contains some milk or something so it leaves my skin really nice.. Plus it really helps with the stretch marks. Now they're not purple any more, but red/pink. 

(us <3)

Also I sweat like a pig. Usually the sweat really smells (the f. did I eat?!). Here and there I get swollen feet in the morning. What really helps is body brushing and lots of watery fruits. 

Week 36
I thought my tummy got lower by now, but I was wrong. My bra is feeling tight and it bothers me a lot since it bumps into my tummy :/. I currently hate wearing a bra. 

The baby has no more place, because honestly.. he's a big boy now :D.When he stretches, my whole tummy hurts! Also when he kicks it's quite funny, sometimes you can see a little feet. The mother instinct came kicking back, and now I can't wait to see my baby xD. 

We went to the birth center to get all the paperwork and to talk about the labour. I feel so much better now that I know all that. Of course I will have my birth plan with me :).

(again a gift from my twin sister, I really wanted a baby sling!)

Week 37
It's getting really hot outside and I can hardly think! It's really annoying..  
The baby items are all washed (thanks mom!), I would do it myself if it wasn't that the water heater broke and the householder didn't do a shit about it for more than a month! Luckily it's just the small water heater, the one that heats the water so we can wash the dishes and the clothes. Bleh!
Anyway, yesterday we assembled everything we still have for the baby! The bed (fuck, this was hardcore! We didn't have the instructions and it's an Ikea bed, lol) we got so desperate that we thought of buying a brand new from Ikea (I got this bed from a friend). But luckily we are smart enough and we managed to assemble it. 
The baby change table was a piece of cake for me. I didn't let my dear touch a thing, because I was having so much fun. But later he assembled the baby rocking chair.. :D

Oh and one funny thing (at least for me, lol!). Every time something is hurting me, or if I find it hard to turn around on the bed.. my dear gets all worried that I'll give birth any time. LOL. I think it's so cute. .))

Happy boyfriend assembling the baby rocking chair :D.

37 weeks. HUGE, right? :D

Now it's two weeks till my D day..  lets hope I will finish this diary.. so that we get to week 40. ;)
Tomorrow I have another check-up at my dr. 
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