Essence Natural Cover Moisturizer in Lighter Skin


I was searching for something with less coverage, since my skin just got better and I was walking around bare faced. I wanted something with a tad of coverage, because I do have some red spots here and there, especially after washing my face (after which I took the photos).

My bb cream is currently too heavy in coverage, so I picked up this product when I went shopping with my sister. She did the same, so we'll see if it will be suitable for her too.

My skin is combination, but since I'm coming to an end with my pregnancy it has gone crazy. After I wash it it is mostly dry or there are dry patches, so I use almond oil whenever I see that. 
But natural oils aren't the best for during the day (almond oil takes a while to sink in and jojoba oil doesn't do the heavy moisturising I sometimes need).

So after I learned that this cream is essentially a moisturiser and then a foundation I got super excited!
I was only worried it would be too dark for my skin, but it really is such light coverage that it matches perfectly.

Here are some photos of the before and after application. Please keep in mind my skin was a bit irritated from the previous washing.

I like the packaging. It's simple, efficient and travel friendly. 

A couple of before&after shots again.. 

As you can see it doesn't nothing for dry patches - you have to fix those another way.

I really like the texture. It's creamy, gentle and gives a soft feeling afterwards. The best part is that there's little of the product needed to cover the whole face.

It smells of perfume with a mix of alcohol. It's pleasant, and on the face it vanishes quite quickly.

Light coverage. It doesn't cover hardcore redness, real acne or acne scars. 

Perfect! 1.99€ for 50ml. And if it works for your.. what more would you want?! =D

Price: 5/5 ♥♥♥♥♥ (1,99€)

The price is great, the application is fantastic and the coverage is medium. Exactly what I wanted! Plus it helps controlling the sebum on my usually oily areas (forehead, nose) and it moisturizes other areas (but not the patchy dry areas) So far I love it, hopefully nothing will change on the long run :). 

*This product was purchased by myself. My opinion is always honest.

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