Review: Essence Volumizing Lash Powder


I remember that when I saw this product on the preview post, I thought "oh I'd love to see what that powder does!". And after a couple of months when I spotted it in the stores (the first time I didn't want to buy it), I decided to give it a go. But only after I read two reviews (I couldn't find more). 

I bought it because I saw that it contains micro fibres and I remember that I loved the mascara that my sister had with such fibres.

This one is from the Vampire's Love TE, but in the Spring there will be more of these babies coming to the regular Essence line!

 It comes with a small wand, for easier application.

As you can see, there are tiny white fibres in the jar.

When you dip the wand in the jar, you get the fibres on the mascara wand! 

The application is quite simple. At first I was scared that it would take me so much more time just because of the possibly not so easy application.  
But actually it's really easy! You apply one coat of mascara.

Then you quickly apply the fibres on the mascara. And apply another coat of mascara. You get the best result if you don't breath while you transfer the fibres to your lashes (because they get off really easily before being sealed with mascara).

Mascara on both lashes:

Left: Volumizing powder  Right: Mascara

The difference is quite visible, especially if you prefer thicker lashes. I do! And I always had the problem of finding the perfect mascara that would do both - give me volume and length! 

But with this powder I don't have to worry about volume anymore!

The best part? The application takes me maybe 30 seconds more than usual! 

+ Cheap
+ There's a lot of product in the packaging
+ Does what it says (gives volume)
+ Lasts all day!

- You have to master the technique before it gets super easy to apply
- There may be some fallout before you seal it with mascara
- The packaging isn't travel friendly

Price♥ 5/5 (2,5€)
Rating♥ 4/5 

I must say that I really like this product! I only have it one heart less, because I'd prefer if the fibres were black and in a mascara like packaging - like similar products. It would be easier to apply. Otherwise I love the effect it has on my lashes and I have nothing to say against it!

EDIT: Now it is available also in the regular line. Fret not girls, you can get your own now!


  1. As a LE item, that's a con as well.
    Interesting product. From what I understand, Asian mascaras include fibers as well.

  2. Marox79: Not really a con, since it will come in the regular line in Spring!

    Yup, Asian mascaras are awesome. Period! :D

  3. Hudo, ful dober rezultat, sploh si nisem znala predstavljat, kaj naj bi ta prahec naredil. :)

  4. Zanimivo, nisem si predstavljala kako to deluje. Zdaj, ko sem videla tvoje slike, pa si tudi sama želim poskusiti=) Hvala za ta review!

  5. Oh wow. O: I've never seen or heard of anything like this. And it works so well!

    I'll definitely have to invest in this, seeing as I get no volume out of my usual mascara. D:

    And thanks for the kind comment on my blog~

  6. Noxin: It was a great deal, that's true! I usually get really lazy and apply just my mascara, but it really does absolutely nothing, so I NEED this :D

    Anela: Sem vesela, da ti je pomagal. Tudi meni je bilo kar cudno kaj je to za ena rec.. :)

    Mateja Mateja: Jup, je pa super uporabna zadevica.


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