Little Christmas Walk

So for Christmas I went home. My two dears went with me (;D), of course. That's why before the family gathering (lunch) we decided to go for a walk. And what better place is to go for a walk, than right next to the sea?

The weather was fantastic - there were full 9 degrees Celsius!

Sea ghouls found their favorite spot!

My dog paying attention to.. hmm I am not sure what. Lets pretend he's paying attention to me, just because he likes me ;D.

And now some food that was available for lunch. Most of the dishes were delish but sadly they aren't photogenic. Especially my favorite salad.

French (potato) Salad

Baked Peppers Salad (my fav!!)

I didn't take pictures of the main dishes since I was quite busy eating .).

Some sweet things my mom baked... 

I can proudly say that this year was the first year I didn't stuff myself like a pig *proud*. Yes yes, pregnancy made me appreciate small meals (because otherwise - nausea comes quickly).

How was your Christmas meal?

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