Lenses to review


I got a lot of lenses for review purposes and I'm super excited to show you at least the group photo :)! Well one pair is missing (which I'm reviewing for another company).

The lenses are:

  • The whole Geo Twin Series (Green, Aqua, Blue, Honey and Gray)
  • Geo Super Nudy Grey
  • Geo Hurricane Violet and Grey
  • Geo Bella Violet
  • Geo Kira Kira Brown

I must say I am super excited about the violet and brown lenses (especially the Kira Kira ones and the Bella Violet ones)!

That means - stay tuned, because I'll try to review them as soon as I can. I am busy with work and well life, so I am searching for bloggers that would do guest posts on my blog (I am not looking for someone who would review the lenses for me). If you are interested, please do contact me on my email ([email protected]) with the subject: Guest Posting.

Thanks and have a lovely day!


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