BIG news!


You missed me, didn't you? I surely did miss all my readers ;)! But between work and feeling sick I had no time to blog. Or actually no will power to do so.

Why? Well...

I wanted to take my own photo, but at the moment I was quite shocked (and yes the other two tests - I was still in shock).

That means... that in a couple of months (7 :P), we'll have a baby.

Oh this will be an interesting journey, for sure..

Hopefully in a couple of days I will be back to blogging (I have some plans for my blog) and the nausea will go away ..  like finally? Tho it's still one good month for it to be gone. :)
Now whenever I smell something chemical I feel sick. Or if I think or something similar.. ew. Tho for some reason nail polish doesn't cause me any problems! ^^

Comments are welcome! ^^
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