DOML: Week 3


I had many ideas about Halloween make up, but then something happened and I got quite distracted from all the make up.
And also my nails broke, which wasn't fun at all :(.

+ I redesigned my FB page (you are free to check it out:

So...  again most photos are from the walk we had yesterday (I love the woods!)

Yesterday my nails were still long...
... But they broke shortly after the picture was taken :(. Made me sad because I knew I had to shorten them, but not this short (they are super short now).

Next photo...  I had so many snacks last week that there's no wonder that I gained weight!! One of them was the amazing snickers LE.

Another snack (this one was great!):

And now some photos from the walk.. .)
Pablo was happy as always... in the woods we met another dog which weirdly enough wanted to play with Pablo and he didn't want to! That's so weird! But alright at that point he was super tired from all the running up and down... :)

Enjoy your upcoming week <3!
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