Tutorial: Depotting Your Concealer

Hi Guys!

I had used my pressed powder from Miss Sporty and since I got quite annoyed with my concealer tube, I decided to do something useful and depot my concealer. 
I really liked the old package of the MS (Miss Sporty) pressed powder because of the useful mirror. 

So we take our empty packaging (whichever we prefer, it could also be a small pot) and our concealer. 

We clean the package, so it's 100% clean. 

Now here comes the hard part! Pick your weapon of choice. I decided to go with a regular knife - and believe me it was some damn hardcore work!

After 10 minutes or so I managed to get the plastic packaging into half. It seems that there's almost no product left, but that's not true! There's still plenty and I couldn't reach it with my doe foot applicator, so this was the ultimate solution.

Now take something with what you will scoop the product out - I decided to use the applicator and a spoon. Last time I used a tiny spatula, but I didn't have it with me so this was also fine. 

Try to get all of the product out.
Clean the edges (I did that only after the photo was taken) and you're done! Simple and quick ^^!

But I must say this was some hardcore depotting. 

I like the fact that now I actually see what I'm doing and I don't mind the packaging since I wash my hands before I do anything with my skin.

Enjoy your old/new concealer! =D

Thank you for reading <3.

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