DOML: Week 2


It's time for another part of my Day od My Life series! =D
I only have pictures from two days, since I was working all days long..  so one are from Sunday (so today!) and the other ones (the fish eye effect!) are from during the week :D.

I got some lens converted from my roommate but it's a tiny bit too small so only those pictures were made.. ;). Tho still - fun!! 

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  1. Enkratne slike! In kuža itak zmaga!!! Lepotec!

    Super blog imaš, ga res z veseljem prebiram :)

    tukaj je moj, če bi rada vrgla kak pogled nanj, sicer ni modni blog, ampak vseeno, če te pa zaklenjen ampak te lahko dodam na seznam bralcev :)


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