Tutorial: Summer Purple

It's been a while since I did my last tutorial. This time I'm using Beauty Angel Gold Palette (which I got from KKCenterHK) and EDM Shopping Time and Beauty Angel Mascara.

Here's the palette, it contains 12 eye shadows and two blushes. 

First we start with bare eyelids on which we apply a thin layer of eye primer (I'm using my depotted UDPP).

Then pick the lightest shade from the palette.

Apply it on the lower part of the lids. Make sure you  also covered your inner corners.

Then we take the light purple from the palette. 

Apply that color in the crease and on 1/3 of the outer part of the lid. 

Take the dark purple and apply it in the outer corners. 

To add some more definition take an even darker purple (possible matte) and apply it in the crease. 

Blend, blend, blend... :)

To finish the eye make up apply mascara. I'm using Beauty angel's mascara. 

And we're done!

I've used a couple of other products to add some more definition to my face :). 

And we're done! :)


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